Tickets, Snacks, and Much ComplainingMature


"Dad said I could go with you guys," I lie, trying to stop my eyes from darting around to see each of their reactions. They don't seem to notice anything suspicious; except for Camilla. She's sitting on the front steps of the porch, watching me with narrowed eyes.

The three of them exchange excited, happy looks and Elliot and Amy get up from where they were sitting on the ground. 

Camilla suddenly pulls an evil looking grin. "This night will be LEGEN-- WAIT FOR IT-- DARY," she exclaims, quoting Neil Patrick Harris. 

"Let's go before Cam quotes any other TV shows," Amy says, giving Camilla a light nudge in the ribs. 

I watch them carefully. I thought I was the only person in this town that wasn't straight. At least, I thought that until last month. That was when Amy and Camilla told Elliot and I that they were dating.

This announcement excited both of us, but for completely different reasons. I was relieved to find that I wasn't alone; Elliot just got really turned on by the thought of lesbians for a reason that was completely beyond my knowledge.

We toss our backpacks onto the front porch before heading off towards the movie theater.


Just after we finish dinner, I glance down at my watch. 6:17. We have 13 minutes to get to the movie theater, get our tickets and snack food, and find seats.

We clear out of the restaurant quickly and make our way across the busy street, only coming close to being hit once. 

"Four tickets please," I tell the lady at the ticket station as we arrive.

She raises an eyebrow at me, making me realize that I didn't tell her what movie I wanted to see. I glance over my shoulder at Amy and Camilla and then at Elliot before turning back towards the lady and pointing to a romance/drama movie.

Behind me, Elliot lets out a loud, frustrated sounding groan. 

"Come on man," he starts off, whining slightly. "I wanna watch something with action! Not some cheesy romance."

Admittedly, I like romantic drama movies. Not many teenage guys do, but it's not the first thing that makes me different than them.

I simply shrug in response to him. 'It'd be better to leave it to Amy and Cam,' I think to myself.

"It's three against one," Amy tells him in a level tone. I could tell she was rather annoyed, though. Elliot narrows his eyes in frustration, knowing that he's lost the fight.

We make our way over to the candy counter, Elliot wandering a few feet behind us, grumbling to himself. 

After choosing out our snacks, Elliot complains a bit louder. "Can we get this over with now?" 

Instead of waiting to see if we were ready, he darts off with his snacks, around the corner and down the darkened hallway, towards the movie. I exchange a look with the girls and then follow Elliot down the hallway, carefully holding my snacks.

The End

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