Getting Our TicketsMature


"Dad said I could go with you guys," Ryder says. His eyes dart around, watching each of us carefully. Wiping his sweaty hands onto his jeans like he always does when he's nervous, he pulls on a pair of his winter gloves. 

Elliot and Amy exchange excited looks with me, though my side of the look is slightly forced. 

"This night will be LEGEN-- wait for it--DARY," I say, pushing my worry off to the back of my mind by quoting my favorite actor, Neil Patrick Harris. 

"Let's go before Cam quotes any other TV shows," Amy says, nudging me gently in the ribs. I pull a fake scowl at her and she grins innocently at me in response.


After dinner, Amy leads us across the busy street to the movie theater. Besides almost getting hit once, we manage to get across pretty well. 

"Four tickets please," Ryder says, pointing his finger to the romance/drama movie playing. 

Letting out a loud groan, Elliot begins complaining. "Come on, man. I wanna watch something with action! Not some cheesy romance."

Ryder shrugs, leaving it up to Amy and I to respond to him.

"It's three against one," Amy says levelly, nodding a thank you to the woman behind the counter and taking the tickets.

With much complaint from Elliot, we move from the ticket station over to the candy counter and choose out our candy and drinks. 

"Can we get this over with now?" Elliot mumbles after we all have our food.

He doesn't wait for a response; instead he just takes off, down the dark staircase that leads to the movie. Ryder, Amy, and I exchange looks mixed with amusement and annoyance before following him. 

The End

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