Overhearing A ConversationMature


The next few months go by as fast as lightning. When I look back on it, it's all a blur of talking, laughing, and having a good time. It's almost winter break now; a day away from it, actually.

It's just after school when I settle down on the front steps of Ryder's porch. Elliot and Amy are sitting in the middle of the yard, complaining about the cold weather, but I don't feel like joining them. Ryder went inside almost ten minutes ago to ask his dad about going out with us for a movie tonight and he still hasn't come back out. I'm starting to get a little worried.

On my lap, Strikey lies sprawled up, purring at me. Last week, I told Elliot and Amy about my Schizophrenia and almost had a panic attack while doing it. They didn't really seem to mind, though, and they still treat me the same. 'It went a lot better than it does with most people.' 

My curiosity persists, trying to tempt me into listening in on Ryder's conversation with his father. I shake my head no; I can't just listen to people's private conversations. It'd be rather rude... wouldn't it?

"What's wrong, Cam?" Amy calls over from her spot on the lawn. 

"Nothing," I lie, staring straight at her and smile to make sure that I look like I'm telling the truth.

"Oh, alright," she says in response, turning her attention back to Elliot. 

Guilt nags inside of me. I know that I shouldn't lie to my girlfriend, but right now it seems necessary. If something was happening with Ryder and his dad, all of us didn't need to know about it.

'Really, I don't need to know about it either.'

I shake that thought away and silently scoot closer to the door. I press my ear against it and close my eyes, listening carefully. 

"I said NO!" A deep, male voice screams. There's a faint crack, like something being hit, and then stomping. My eyes snap back open in surprise. 

The stomping moves closer, as if someone is ready to swing open the door at any second. Hurriedly, I scoot back across the porch and sit back down on the step, my heart pounding in my ears.

Under my breath, I ask Strikey a question. "What did I just hear?"

He doesn't have time to respond before Ryder swings the door open and stomps onto the porch. Out of the corner of my eye, I watch as he forces himself to smile.

The End

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