The QuestionMature


"I'm so sorry," I say to Ryder, rushing forward to hug him. He pushes me away, causing me to stumble backwards, right into Amy. She catches me, gripping my right arm tightly to keep me balanced. 

Even this touch makes me blush, distracting me from Ryder and his problems. Shaking my head clear, I turn my attention back to him. He's standing in the middle of the alley, a few feet away from everyone else, his arms crossed over his chest but his face contorted, proving that he's on the brink of tears.

"Look, I didn't mean to upset you!" I tell him, a little louder than I mean to. 

Instead of responding to me and talking all of this out, he spins around on his heels and stomps off, towards the street. He glances over his shoulder; not at me, but at Elliot. Then he turns his head back around and keeps walking.


A few moments after Ryder disappears around the corner, Elliot speaks.

"I should get going. If I leave now, I can get back to school and say my dad's car broke down or something," he says, swinging his backpack over his shoulders. "Catch ya'll later."

Soon after he says this, I find myself alone with Amy. I glance over at her and she smiles at me. Weakly, I smile back at her. 'Why do I feel so nervous around her?' 

"Well, I'm not going back to school today," she announces. The statement surprises me; I thought for sure that she'd go back with some lie about being late.

"I guess I'm not either," I mumble, avoiding eye contact with her. It seems like every time I look at her, my face turns red as a tomato. 

Amy looks around, as if making sure nobody was listening, and then turns her attention and stares straight at me. "Can I ask you a question?"

"You already asked me one," I say, offering a weak chuckle. 'Stupid joke. Oh, so stupid...'

She grins at me, acting as if the joke was actually funny. Her face suddenly grows serious once more and she hesitates for a minute. "Do you like me?"

The End

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