The ScratchMature


As Amy and Camilla revel in the kitten, I turn to Elliot. He raises an eyebrow at the girls when they aren't looking and I suppress a chuckle. 

"What's the big deal about a kitten, anyway?" He asks me in a low whisper. I shrug, not wanting to explain to him why Camilla liked cats so much. 

"H-how did you know it was here?" Camilla asks Amy, staring happily at the black kitten lying on the pile of boxes. 

"Just a gut feeling," Amy says, making an odd face. I suppose it's her version of a mysterious look, but it's beyond me.

I watch as Amy reaches over to pet the cat, accidentally brushing her hand over Camilla's in the process. Both of their faces redden, though I doubt either of them notice each other's blushing. 

Elliot nudges me and whispers in my ear. "Do you think they're lesbians? That'd be hot."

"I dunno," I mumble. It's not like I find lesbians attractive in any way. Or even girls in general, for that matter.

"Look at the cat," Camilla says in a slightly whining tone as she turns to look at us. 

I roll my eyes and step forward, towards the girls and the pile of boxes. Extending a hand towards it, I let it sniff me and then move my hand closer to it so that I can pet it. It hisses loudly and lashes out a paw, scratching my palm. I yelp loudly and pull my hand away.

"That cat of yours is a damn demon," I say, taking a few steps backwards. I don't feel like being in clawing distance of it anymore. 

"Huh?" The girls ask together. Camilla blushes harder than she already was as this happens. 

I blink for a moment, clearing my thoughts of the girls and their possibility of being homosexual. Staring down at my hand, I watch as the drops of crimson blood form together. 'It looks deep,' I think to myself. My hand is almost numb from the pain now and I'm holding back tears. 'Quit it, Ryder. Elliot's standing right next to you. You can't cry.'

I realize that nobody was paying attention close enough to see what happened. Extending my hand out towards them, I hold out my palm for them to see what happened. Their eyes widen at the sight.

"The kitten did that?" Camilla asks, glancing at me and then the demon disguised as a cat. I nod, letting out a quiet whimper as the pain worsens. 

"We should take him home," Elliot suggests. I glance over at him; his usually tan face is now pale with worry and he pats me on the back. My face reddens at the contact. 

"No!" Amy exclaims, giving Elliot a look that implies that he's stupid. "We can't take him home. It's not even 10:00 yet. What are we gonna tell his parents?"

"My dad works," I tell her flatly. I wouldn't mind going home early. 'I won't be able to play guitar until my hand heals,' I realize, suddenly feeling extremely disappointed. Maybe Camilla was right- Skipping school didn't seem like such a good idea now.

"What about your mum?" Camilla asks. 

Internally, my heart breaks at the mention of my mother. She died when I was 8 while giving birth to Aaron. Of course, he made it fine, but she died immediately afterward. On the outside, though, I forced myself not to cry. 

Aaron is my only reminder of my mother, because he looks and acts almost exactly like her. My mother had the same fiery orange hair color as Aaron and Peter and the same blue eyes as Aaron.

They were both rather kind and caring, also; Aaron's always cared about other people more than himself. Sometimes I wish I acted like him, and that says something since he's younger than me.

These thoughts and more raced through my mind. Before I could control it, I break down crying, hiding my face in my hands. "My mum's dead," I choke out, breathing heavily between sobs. 

All three of them freeze and stare at me, horrified. I know that none of them knew, so this must've been a shock to them.

The End

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