The KittenMature


I turn my stare from the black furred kitten to Amy. Inside, I'm overwhelmed. Nobody's ever done something like this for me before; especially with a kitten.

"H-How did you know it was here?" I ask, staring into her grey eyes. She smiles at me and I don't even need to force myself to smile back.

"Just a gut feeling," she says, giving me a mysterious look. Reaching out, she accidentally brushes her hand against my own as she strokes the kitten behind it's ear. My face reddens at the feeling. 'Why do I feel so embarrassed? She's a girl. I don't like girls. I like guys... don't I?'

Behind us, Elliot and Ryder are talking. I doubt they're even interested in the cat; they're not exactly acting like they are.

"Look at the cat," I tell Ryder in a semi-whining voice.

He rolls his eyes and walks forward. Extending one hand to pet it, the cat hisses loudly and he pulls his hand back with a yelp a few seconds later. I didn't see what happened because I was watching his facial reaction, not the cat.

"That cat of yours is a damn demon," he says, backing away from it and staring intently down at his hand. Elliot's expression shows that he's slightly amused by this statement.

"Huh?" Amy and I ask at the same time. My ears redden at the coincidence, though they shouldn't have, since I do this a lot with other people and it never bothers me.

Ryder blinks, looking confused for a minute, and then extends his hand out toward us again. Across his palm is a long, deep looking scratch that goes from the tip of his index finger to the beginning of his wrist. My eyes widen at the sight. 

"The kitten did that?" I ask, glancing at the cat and then back at his palm. He nods, whimpering slightly. It must hurt badly, because tears are swelling in his eyes.

"We should take him home," Elliot suggests. His face is pale with worry and he pats Ryder on the back. Ryder's face reddens slightly, but I guess he's just embarrassed that he let a cat hurt him.

"No!" Amy exclaims. "We can't take him home. It's not even 10:00 yet. What are we gonna tell his parents?"

"My dad works," Ryder says, staring at the ground.

"What about your mum?" I ask, watching him carefully. Someone had to be home, didn't they?

He stops fighting back the tears and hides his face in his hands, breaking down. "My mum's dead," he manages to choke out between sobs.

Amy, Elliot, and I stand frozen with shock. 'I didn't mean to hurt him,' I think desperately. 

The End

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