Skipping SchoolMature


As I hurry Peter and Aaron down the street, towards the school, I glance at my watch. 7:54. We have 6 minutes to get to school on time; luckily, we're only a block away from the school.

"It's cold," Peter complains loudly. "And my backpack is heavy. How come we have to walk?"

I open my mouth to respond to him, but Aaron beats me to it.

"Stop complaining!" He squeaks, giving Peter a huge shove. Peter stumbles a few feet and then turns around, his eyes glinting with anger. Before I know it, the two are on the ground, wailing on each other. 

"What the hell?" I hiss at them. I grab Aaron by the hood of his jacket and drag him backward, off of Peter. "You don't fight your brother!" 

Peter remains lying on the ground, his nose bleeding heavily. He lets out a loud, pained groan as he sits up. 

I stare at him for a few seconds and then turn my attention to Aaron. "What'd you do that for?" 

"He was bothering you!" Aaron yells, throwing an angry glare over at Peter. "You took him for breakfast and then he complained because he has to walk a few feet!" 

"Calm down, Aaron," I say firmly. "Yes, he was complaining, but you shouldn't have hit him because of it."

Suddenly, Aaron's look changes from angry to guilty. He stares down at Peter and then inches closer to him. "I'm sorry, Pete."

Peter wipes some of the blood off his face and doesn't respond.

"Let's just get going. We're gonna be late," I say, pulling Peter off the ground and into a standing position. I hand him a tissue for his nose and then start walking.


"I wonder where Ryder is, anyway," Elliot says as I walk up to him. Standing next to him are Camilla and Amy. 

"Somebody say my name?" I ask before standing next to Camilla. I stare over at Elliot, my heart racing at the sight of him.

"Great!" Amy says in an extremely cheery tone. "You're here. Now I can tell you what I wanted to say." 

I scrunch my face up, into a confused looking expression. Elliot and Camilla shrug; they must not know what Amy's talking about either.

"What do you want to tell us?" I happen to ask at the same time as the other two. 

"Be patient!" Amy says, waving her finger in a scolding way. "We need to get out of earshot of everyone else, first."

I roll my eyes. What could Amy have to say that couldn't be heard by anyone else? Knowing her, it was probably some sort of new geeky club that she wants to start. 

She leads the three of us off to the side of school and clears her throat, fidgeting for a few seconds as we settled ourselves. Camilla sits down on the ground and Elliot leans against the stairwell leading up to the side door of the school. I simply stand there, shifting from foot to foot from curiosity. 

"Okay," she finally says. She pauses for a moment. "I wanna skip school today with you guys. We could have a lot of fun." 

I stare at her, shocked. Surely she isn't suggesting this. Amelia Evans, skipping school? It was unheard of. Inside, a spark of excitement rises. I've never done anything like this before; only dreamed of it. This could be my only chance to do it.

Exchanging an excited but shocked look with Elliot, we both burst out smiling. "Sure," we say.

I turn my attention to Camilla to see what she has to say about this. All she does is shrug, her face pale with anxiety. 

'I guess that's a yes,' I think to myself.

The End

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