The OfferMature


Raven and I make it to school 10 minutes early. As I get out of the car, I spot Amy and Elliot standing a few feet away from the entrance. 

"Hey Cam!" They call to me as I swing my backpack over my shoulder and walk over to them.

"Hi," I mumble, nervous at the sight of Elliot.

"Amy said she wants to tell us something when Ryder gets here," he tells me. "She won't let me go inside, either."

"If you go inside, I won't need to tell you what I want to because it'll be too late," she hisses at him, hitting his arm playfully. He pulls a fake scowl at her and then they both burst out laughing. I force myself to smile weakly.

"I wonder where Ryder is, anyway," Elliot says, looking thoughtful.

"Somebody say my name?" A familiar voice calls. I turn around and smile; standing a few feet away is Ryder himself.

"Great!" Amy exclaims with a look of delight. "You're here. Now I can tell you what I wanted to say."

Ryder gives me and Elliot a confused look. We shrug, unable to explain anything to him. 

"What do you want to tell us?" All three of us ask at the same time.

"Be patient!" She says, waving her finger at us in a scolding way. "We need to get out of earshot of everyone else, first."

Without another word, she leads us off to the side of the school and glances around to assure herself that the coast is clear. I shake my head, slightly amused. It must be something important if nobody else can hear.

"Okay," she says after a few more seconds. "I wanna skip school today with you guys. We could have a lot of fun."

All three of us stare at her, shocked. Not because she suggested skipping school, but because she suggested skipping school. Everyone in this school knows that she's miss perfect and any other day, she'd be scolding someone for even thinking of the idea.

After awhile, Ryder and Elliot burst out grinning. "Sure," they say, looking excited by the prospect. 

I simply shrug; this idea was a really bad one. 'What happens if we get caught? It's only the second day of school...'

The End

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