Since Aaron asked, I took him and Peter to McDonalds for breakfast. Luckily, that was only a five minute walk to school, because if it wasn't we'd probably be late for school.

Walking up to the counter, we tell our orders to the cashier. She double takes at the sight of me, shakes her head, and then continues typing onto her screen. 

"It'll take longer than usual, so we'll bring your order out to you," she tells us. I nod and lead Aaron and Peter over to a table. 

"Thank you, Ry," Aaron says, beaming at me. He sits down next to me, watching me as I sorted the napkins and ketchup into even piles. I give everyone four napkins and two ketchup packets and then get up. Putting the napkins and packets back in the dispensers I found them in, I walk back over to the table and sit back down.

I think that Peter just now bothered to pay attention to me, because he's eyeing my face. "What happened?" He asks, raising an eyebrow at me. His blue-green eyes stare intently into mine; I can tell that he's watching me to see if I'll lie to him.

Aaron opens his mouth, hopefully with an excuse, but I beat him to it. Staring into his eyes, I use the excuse that I'd came up with earlier. "I tripped last night and hit my face off a rock. You were at your friend's house when it happened."

Peter shrugs. He seems to believe what I say, because he goes back to poking at a ketchup packet with his index finger. Aaron simply stares at me, as if I'm some sort of hero. 

"Stop that," I whisper to him. He turns red and looks away. 

'What is that about?' I wonder silently. I can't question it further, though, because a worker shows up with our food. 

The End

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