I wake up to someone shaking me by my shoulders. I groan and kick out my legs, trying to make the person stop. 

"I wanna go back to sleep," I whine, trying to pull my blankets over my head.

The person yanks all my blankets off my bed completely, forcing me to feel the rush of cold air. "It's 7:45. We're gonna be late for school if we don't leave in 5 minutes." 

It's Raven. 

"Crap!" I mutter loudly, jumping out of bed. Raven gives me an amused look and walks out the door so I can change.

Hurrying around my room, I change from my pajamas into a pair of light blue jeans and a black t-shirt. I don't bother to put my pajamas away, so they just lie on my floor as I walk downstairs. Quickly, I brush my hair out and pull it into a ponytail. 

"I'm ready to go," I call to Raven. She's still upstairs.

"Look at the time, dumbass," she yells back. I glance at the clock. 7:15. 

"What the hell?" I ask, staring at the clock. 

"I wanted to see if you'd fall for it," she explains. Her voice sounds muffled; she probably has her face against her pillow. "And you did."

I roll my eyes and sink down onto the couch. Now I had half an hour to waste and nothing to do with the spare time. Strikey jumps up and settles down beside me, resting his head on my leg. 

I smile slightly and pet him with one hand, using my other hand to put my books and homework into my backpack. After I'm done with that, I stuff my phone into it's side pocket.

Zipping up my backpack, I lean backwards and turn the TV on, watching it intently until it's time for school. 

The End

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