I'm the first one awake the next morning. I glance at my alarm clock. 4:56. I don't need to start getting around until 5:30. However, I can't sleep.

 Getting up, I walk over to the bathroom across the hall and stare into the mirror. Half my face is bruised and swollen. I can only see out of one eye, because my other one is swollen shut. 

"Good God," I whisper to myself, tenderly poking the bruised side of my face. I wince from the wave of pain that I get in response to it. "How am I going to cover this up?"

I look around, thinking hard. Make-up wouldn't work; it could cover up the bruises, but it'd still be swollen badly. Maybe if I put some ice on my face first and then used make-up, it wouldn't look too bad. Even then, though, it'd probably wear off by midday and then I'd have some real explaining to do.

I freeze in the middle of my pacing, my mouth widening into a smile. I'll just say that I tripped and fell and hit my face. I do that often enough, after all. 'Perfect. Hopefully people believe it...'

Walking out of the bathroom and back into my room, I sit down in my desk chair and play Mario Kart on my DS to pass time.


At 5:30, Aaron and Peter's alarm clocks go off. Internally, I groan from the loud beeping that's coming from their room.

"Would you get out of bed and turn those things off?" I call, putting down my DS and covering my ears.

"Sorry, Ry!" Aaron squeaks loudly in response. The horrid sounds continue for a few more moments as he gets out of bed and then they stop after he turns them off. I let out a sigh of relief and uncover my ears.

"Whatever," I hear Peter grumble. There's a loud thump and then Peter yells out in pain. "Don't hit me with the pillow!"

"Get out of bed!" Aaron hisses at him. More thumping. I can just imagine Aaron standing above Peter's bed, hitting him repeatedly with the pillow. 

Peter finally rolls out of bed, landing hard on the floor. I hear Aaron toss the pillow back onto his bed and walk out of the room. He crosses the hallway and opens my door, gaping at my face.

"Ry!" He squeaks, looking shocked, scared, and impressed all at once. "Are you alright? It doesn't hurt too much, does it?"

"I'm fine, Aaron," I mumble. I don't look him in the eye as I say this, though. I'm perfectly fine on the outside, minus my face, but inside... Inside is a completely different story. I'm not fine at all, mentally; not even close. I have a feeling that this is how it'll stay for awhile, too.

"Can we leave early and go out to eat for breakfast?" Aaron asks, giving me a hopeful stare. I nod, shaking my racing thoughts away. He grins and darts off to tell Peter, leaving me alone again.

The End

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