It takes a few more rings, and finally Amy picks up. 

"Hello?" I say, making sure she can hear me. 

"Hey," she says. She sounds rather happy, though her phone line is a little crackly.

"What'd you want to tell me?" I ask, my curiosity rising. The text was weird; mostly because she's never, ever texted me before.

"I um... How about I come over to your place? It'll make things easier," she suggests. I stifle a surprised noise.

"S-sure," I stutter. She hangs up after that.


In less than fifteen minutes, there's a knock at my door. I dart down the stairs, beating Raven to the door. She gives me a questioning look, but says nothing. Opening the door, I let Amy in.

"Thanks for letting me come over," she says, pulling shoes off and suppressing a shiver. "I bet it'll snow soon." 

I shrug. "Maybe it will, maybe it won't," I tell her, leading her upstairs and into my bedroom. "What'd you want to talk to me about?" 

She watches me as I settle down onto the floor, staring up at her. She looks kind of nervous; her face is pale and her eyes dart around my room before stopping at me. Sitting down next to me, she clears her throat.

"I'm sorry," she tells me.

I open my mouth, but no words come out. "What?" I manage to choke out. I've known her for so long, but she's never, not once, said sorry to me. 

"I said I'm sorry," she repeats, looking at me as if I'm stupid. I swallow back surprise.

"I um... Why are you saying this, all of a sudden?" I ask, narrowing my eyes slightly. This whole thing was just... suspicious.

"Look. I'm sorry; for everything. For being a brat, for bragging, for asking Ryder out... I'm sorry. I want to start over new this year. I want to be your friend for once," she says, sounding slightly desperate.

"O-okay," I stutter, still shocked. 

She gives me a quick hug and then lets go. "I should get going. My mom is waiting for me in the car," she explains. No longer does she look nervous; she looks plain happy now.

I nod, watching her as she leaves. I can still feel the ghost of her embrace, comforting me. It's strange... I've never felt that way when anyone else hugged me before. 

Shaking my head slightly, I continue to sit there for the rest of the night, lost in my own thoughts. 

The End

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