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I watch Elliot walk away until he disappears around the corner. Shaking my head slightly, I walk inside and take off my shoes and jacket. Dad is at work now and mum still hasn't come home, so it's just Raven that's waiting for me. She's sitting on the couch, watching a TV show on her laptop.

"How was your first date?" She asks, taking out an earbud. My face reddens and she gives me an evil grin. 

"It wasn't a date!" I exclaim, looking embarrassed. 

"Sure it wasn't," she says in a mocking tone, rolling her eyes at me. Putting down her laptop, she gets up and walks across the room to my side. "Do you actually like him?"

I freeze, unsure of how to answer. Do I? Or not? Two sides of me are fighting inside, now.

"No," I say firmly. "I just like him as a friend. Nothing more."

"He'll be disappointed," she tells me, frowning slightly. "He seems really into you."

"It's not my fault," I mumble, feeling guilty now. I didn't want to hurt anyone, but I honestly didn't like him like that.

"Maybe you should tell him before he gets any other thoughts and tries to kiss you or something," she suggests. I shrug and she walks back over to her laptop and puts her earbuds back in.

"I will," I say. I know she can't hear me, though. Picking up my shoes, I walk upstairs to my bedroom.

After changing into my pajamas, I lie down on my bed and check my phone. I'm surprised to see that it says I've got a message.

"I really need to talk to you. Call me ASAP. -Amy"

'What does she want?' I ask myself as I dial her number and wait for her to pick up.

The End

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