Another FightMature


After the rest of her paid time being here, I walk Amy downstairs and over to the door. My dad hands her the money, tells her goodnight, and then holds the door open for her to leave. When she's gone, he slams it closed again and turns to glare at me.

"Did you get anything out of that tutoring session?" He snarls, clenching his fists. 

I swallow hard and shake my head no. Not only had she just given me the answers, but I'd played guitar for most the session.

He's shaking now, looking ready to explode. "You made me pay $5 JUST TO GET SOMEONE TO WATCH YOU PLAY YOUR GOD DAMN GUITAR?" 

'I'm done. I'm dead. Goodbye, world,' My thoughts race with panic. I've never seen dad so angry. 

"It was o-only $5..." I mumble, staring at the ground. My cheeks redden with shame. "I-I can pay you back."

"I don't want your money!" He yells, bringing his hand up.

"NO!" I scream, grabbing both his wrists with my hands and holding them tightly. Tears run down my face, unstoppable. "You are not going to hit me this time!" 

With ease, he pulls his wrists back out of my grip. "You're a damn little kid! I can do whatever the hell I please," he hisses, his eyes burning angrily into my own. 

"Go to hell!" I yell at him, darting out of the room and up the stairs. Without another thought, I slam my bedroom door shut and lock it. Turning around, I start walking over to my bed and then freeze.

Standing in the middle of my room with his arms crossed and a scowl on his face... is Aaron.

"I know what daddy's been doing to you, Ry," he cries out, throwing himself at me. He wraps his arms around my waist and buries his face into my shirt, crying. 

The End

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