Getting PermissionMature


When I get home with Raven, my mother isn't there. However, my dad is. 'Well that's a change,' I think to myself. Dad was hardly ever home, because he worked a lot and my mother was almost always home.

"Hey," he says. He's lying on the couch with his feet up, watching TV. I've always preferred my dad over my mum; he's a lot nicer. "How was your first day of school?"

"Pretty good," is all Raven says. After that, she walks upstairs and disappears. She's never gotten along well with dad; just like I've never gotten along with mum. 

After letting Strikey out, I toss my backpack onto the floor and sit down on the couch opposite of dad's. 

"Well?" He asks, glancing over at me.

"It was alright," I say, smiling slightly. "I made some new friends."

"Really now?" He gives me a surprised look.

"Yeah," I mumble. I know he's trying to be nice, but why does he have to look so surprised? 

"That's good, honey," he says. He sounds distracted; probably because of the TV.

Suddenly, I remember Elliot's dinner offer. "Is it okay if I go with a friend to dinner?"

"What friend?" He asks, turning the TV off. "Because it depends. I want to meet them first." 

Letting out a frustrated sigh, I nod. I don't understand why my dad has to be so protective, but at least it shows he cares about me. 'At least one of my parents care.'

I pull out my phone and text Elliot, telling him what my father said. It takes a few minutes, but I eventually get a response.

"Tell him I'll be at your house in half an hour to meet him and get his permission. -Elliot"

Quickly, I show my dad the text and then get up. After grabbing my backpack and Strikey, I head upstairs, knowing I should do my homework before Elliot arrives.

The End

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