Stuck OutsideMature


Stepping onto my front porch, I check my watch to see what time it is. 4:57. School was over at 3:15, and soccer practice was over by 4:00. I was supposed to be home by 4:15.

"Oh well," I mumble, shrugging slightly. Walking up to the door, I turn the doorknob. It's locked. "What the hell?"

Feeling around in my jean pockets, I realize something. 'Damn it, I left my key inside.'

I glance the yard, my stare holding at the empty driveway. 'They left without me.' Frowning deeply, I settle myself on the front step. 'What kind of family leaves their son behind?' 


An hour goes by and they still haven't come home. I've tried calling dad twice, but I got the answering machine both times. I left a message. Still, I receive no response. 

I'm slightly offended. I mean, they're my family. They could have at least told me that they were going out, instead of letting me sit here, outside and alone.

'They could have at least left a key somewhere,' I think silently to myself. 

It's cold out here, and it doesn't help that it's windy, too. I pull my jacket closer to myself and zip it up further. Suddenly, my phone vibrates.

"We'll be home soon. -Dad".

"Least I don't have to freeze for much longer," I mumble quietly. I still feel a twinge of anger towards them for leaving me.

Unzipping my backpack, I pull out my biology book and the homework that Mrs. Green gave me and set to work. 'Hopefully they'll be home before dark,' I think, glancing up at the almost-setting sun. 

The End

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