Phone NumbersMature


The rest of the school day passes by quickly. Before I know it, the bell goes off and I'm hurrying out the front doors of the school. Inside my pocket, my phone vibrates.

"Meet me at the car -Raven," is what the text says. 

"Hey, Cam. Wait up," a voice calls from behind me. It's Elliot. I turn around just as he jogs over to my side. He smiles at me, his blue eyes sparkling in the light. "Can I ask you something?"

I nod, unsure of what he'll want. 'Probably homework help or something.'

"I was wondering," he pants, making me wonder just how far he jogged to catch up with me. "If you wanted to have dinner with me or something. Maybe at Pizza Hut?"

Staring at him, shocked, I search for something to say. "I um... I'll check with my family."

"Here," he says, taking my phone from me. I had forgotten to put it back in my pocket. He presses a few buttons, his thumbs moving quick as lightning, and then hands it back to me. "Text me."

"Thanks," I say, shoving it back into the front pocket of my jeans. 

"I put Ryder and Amy's phone numbers in there for you too," he tells me.

My pocket vibrates again. Probably Raven, asking where I'm at. "I should get going," I mumble, glancing over my shoulder at the parking lot. 

"Catch ya later," Elliot says. He grins at me again and then walks away.

'Did he just ask me on a date?' I ask myself as I walk to Raven's car. 'No. He just wants to hang out with me. Get to know the new kid... Right?' 

The End

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