Walking out of the cafeteria, I lead Amy off to an empty hallway. Nobody's around because they're all either in class or eating lunch. 'Thank God I can tell her this in private,' I think to myself. 

"What do you want?" She asks, frowning unhappily at me. Strands of blonde hair falls into her  grey eyes, but she doesn't bother pushing it back. 

"I'm sorry, alright?" I say. Inside of my mind, I'm arguing with myself about whether or not I'm telling the truth by saying this. Maybe I am, maybe I'm not. I really don't know right now.

She shrugs and stares at the ground, silent. 

"Look... I have something to tell you. It'll explain why I said no. But you can't tell anyone, okay? You tell no-one," I tell her, watching her. My eyebrows furrow together in worry, because I'm about to tell her something that I've never told anyone else before.

'What if she tells everybody else?' I ask myself. I shake the thought away quickly.

"What do you want to tell me?" She asks, finally looking up at me again. Tears are swelling up in her eyes, but she blinks them away.

"I um..." I rub the back of my neck nervously. "I'm gay."

"Oh," she says, her eyes widening slightly. 'Crap, I forgot... she's religious.'

I nod, swallowing hard. She keeps staring at me with a wide-eyed, shocked expression.

"It um... Okay," she mumbles. 

"See why I said no, now?" I ask, hoping with all my heart that she understands.

"Y-yeah," she says, looking rather pale.

"Is something wrong?" My heart is beating fast in my ears and I'm still feeling rather nervous. 

"No, I just... didn't see that coming. It's okay, though," she says, reassuring me.

I nod, shaking slightly. "L-let's get back to the cafeteria," I stutter out, trying to calm myself back down. 


By the time we get back to the table where Camilla and Elliot are still sitting, I'm calmed down for the most part. My heart's still beating abnormally fast in my chest, though. I slump down into my chair next to Elliot once again, not looking anyone in the eyes.

Amy sits down across the table from the rest of us, again; she still looks kind of shocked, but nobody seems to notice.

"How much time do we have until the next period?" Elliot asks, the question directed to me since I'm the only one with a watch.

I glance down at my watch. 12:05. "We've got 10 minutes."

"We should leave now, so we're not late," Camilla says. I nod in agreement; I've always been late for once class and completely missed the next. I don't need to be late for this one too. Elliot agrees, too; Amy just shrugs.

Getting up and shuffling around for a moment, we get up and grab our belongings. After throwing away our garbage and putting our trays back at the disposal place, we walk to our next class.

The End

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