Awkward ConversationsMature


I watch as Ryder and Amy get up and walk away, leaving the cafeteria. 'I bet they're gonna go make out or something,' I think silently to myself. 'Or maybe they'll just talk.'

Then I realize something; since they're gone, I'm alone with Elliot. I turn back around and stare awkwardly at him.

"So um..." I trail off, trying to think of something to talk about. I think he senses my awkwardness, though, because he starts a conversation topic.

"What kind of music do you like?" He asks, glancing curiously at me. He's eating a ham and cheese sandwich as he watches me.

"Screamo... rock, metal, that kind of stuff," I say. I probably sound weird to him, since most girls our age like pop and dance music. 

"Really?" He looks excited. "Same here!"

I grin at him. "Favorite band?"

"Papa Roach," he says. "I play drums. I've got my own band, too. Which reminds me. I have to ask Ryder about joining it..."

Surprised, slightly, I can't help but ask a question. "He plays an instrument?"

"He plays guitar. And he sings real good," he tells me, grinning proudly at me, as if he taught Ryder how to do those things himself. 

I nod, unsure of what to say again. Instead, I start eating my lunch. I had completely forgotten about it.


Fifteen minutes or so later, Ryder returns to the table and slides back into his seat. Amy sits down at her own seat a few seconds later; she still looks as if she's pouting.

"How much time do we have until the next period?" Elliot asks, since he doesn't have a watch and there's no clock in the room.

Ryder glances down at his own watch. "We've got 10 minutes."

"We should leave now, so we're not late," I suggest. Elliot and Ryder nod in agreement, whereas Amy just shrugs.

Getting up and grabbing our belongings, we walk out of the cafeteria, dumping our trays off at the disposal place as we leave.

The End

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