Holding BackMature


Tightly holding my tray of food in my left hand, I stand at the doorway of the cafeteria. Beside me, Camilla stands, staring out into the room in front of us with a shocked look on her face.

'I'll bet she didn't know this many people existed in the world,' I think silently to myself. I know this is a rude assumption, but still. She doesn't really seem to like talking to people much. 

Looking around for a moment, I spot Elliot and Amy. They're sitting across from each other at a table all the way across the cafeteria. I watch as they talk and laugh, my stare holding at Elliot. 

'I wish you knew how much I love you,' I think desperately to myself. I keep staring at him for a minute or two and then snap back to reality.

I head off towards their table, not explaining to Camilla.

"Where are we going?" She asks, following me.

"We're gonna go sit with Elliot and Amy," I tell her. 

"Amy..." She mutters quietly under her breath. I raise my eyebrow slightly, but I don't ask her what she's got against her. 

I lead her the rest of the way to the table, where Amy sits on one side and Elliot sits on the other.

"Hey," Elliot says, giving us a wide grin.

'Oh God, why does he have to be so damn cute?' I ask myself. I smile back at him, though, and slide into the seat on the left of him.

"How's it going?" I ask, forcing myself not to stare at him. Instead, I busy myself with eating the burger I was given for lunch. Camilla hesitates for a moment and then sits down in the chair on Elliot's right side.

"Pretty good. Where were you? You missed Ms. Kremsin screw up on a math problem!" Elliot tells us, chuckling slightly. 

I exchange a brief look with Camilla. 'I guess she wants me to keep it a secret.'

Thinking quickly for the best excuse possible, I hesitate. "I wasn't feeling well, so Camilla took me to the nurse. But I'm feeling better now," I say, trying to look honest.

"Oh. Alright. Don't miss it again!" Elliot says in a mockingly scolding tone. 

I grin at him. "Don't worry, I won't."

"I'm Elliot, by the way," he says, turning his attention to Camilla. 

"Camilla," is all she says in response. 'Leave it to her to give a one word answer.'

Elliot just nods and looks over at Amy. "Something wrong, Amy?"

I glance over at Amy and instantly see that she's still upset about me refusing her date offer. Letting out a quiet sigh, I stare back down at my food. 'It's not my fault that I don't like you. Why the hell be upset about it?' I ask myself. 'But... I get it. I wouldn't be very happy if Elliot refused to go on a date with me...' 

"Can I talk to you alone?" I whisper to her. She just stares at me for a moment, then nods and gets up. 

"We'll be back in a minute or two," I tell Elliot and Camilla, raising my voice back to its normal level.

The End

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