Comforting HerMature


She turns and looks at me, her green eyes glinting with anger. Or maybe those are tears about to surface. I really don't know. "How the hell did you find out?"

I stare at her, swallowing hard. 'What do I tell her?' I ask myself, raking my mind for ideas. Nothing. 'Crap... I'll have to tell her the truth.'

"I um... I overheard your conversation with Mrs. Green," I admit. 

"Why does everybody always have to find out?" She asks, not letting me continue. Her voice cracks as she talks, informing me that she's about to cry. 'Damn, this is not going well.'

"It's okay, you know... I'll still be your friend," I say, trying to reassure her. Taking her wrist in my hand, I pull her close, for a hug. It feels weird, though, hugging someone. I hate touching people, so I try not to do it; but it seemed necessary, now. "I don't care if you have it or not." 

'Please believe me. I'm not lying... I just want to be your friend. I want to help you. I know how you feel,' I think silently to myself. 

She doesn't accept my hug, though. Instead she sinks down to the ground, leaning her forehead against her knees. A few seconds later, she starts sobbing. I'm not sure what to do, so I just stare at her. 

"It's okay," I mumble, trying to comfort her. Awkwardly, I place my hand on her shoulder. She slaps it away, still sobbing.

"Don't touch---" She stops talking, and sobbing, and freezes slightly. "Strikey!"

"Huh?" I ask. 'There's that word again. What the hell does it mean?'

She doesn't explain, though. Instead, she jumps up runs away, straight out the door and into the hallway. Pulling a befuddled look, I follow her.


"Strikey!" Camilla yells. As I walk through the library door, I watch as she stands in the middle of the hallway, shaking in fear and yelling for that 'Strikey' thing. "Oh God... Where is she?"

The library door slams shut as I hurry over to her side. "What are you looking for?" I ask her, realizing that she must be searching for whatever this thing is.

"Strikey," she says, fighting back tears.

'Good God, this girl is emotional,' I think to myself. 'And confusing. Really, really confusing.'

"What the hell is a Strikey?" I mutter to myself under my breath, still perplexed. I must've said it too loud, though, because she hears me. 

She opens her mouth to speak, but then shuts it again. A flash of relief shines in her eyes, though I'm not sure why, and she starts to look excited. "Come on. I'll tell you when we catch up with him," she says quickly. 

"So it's a him? It's a human?" I ask her. However, I find myself talking to myself, because she's already running down the hallway. As she disappears around the corner, I shake my head and then follow her. 

The End

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