Admitting KnowledgeMature


'Where did Camilla go?' I wonder as I wander around the library, looking for her. I wanted to tell her about Amy. I hear somebody walking around between the "educational nonfiction" and "teen/young adult fiction" sections; they're talking to themselves.

"Strikey?" The voice hisses quietly. It's Camilla, talking about that weird word again. I forgot to look it up. 

"Who are you talking to?" I ask her, coming closer to her and giving her a confused look.

"I um..." She trails off and turns around and pokes around at the books on the shelf in front of her. 

'Should I tell her that I figured it out?' I ask myself. 'I wonder if she'll get angry at me...' For a few seconds, I just stare at her, trying to decide what to do.

"I know about it," I say cautiously. 

Not turning around or even glancing at me, she asks a simple question. "About what?" It's obvious that she has no clue what I'm talking about, so I continue.

"I know that you have Schizophrenia," I press on. I should've looked up how to pronounce "Schizophrenia", though, because I think I said it wrong.

She freezes from her aimless pokings at the bookshelf. I can tell already that telling her I knew was a bad idea. 

She still doesn't turn around, though. She remains frozen in the same spot, not even blinking. She just stares ahead, at the bookshelf, and asks yet another question. "H-how?"

The End

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