I watch Amy disappear around the corner, heading towards the computer section. 'That's where Ryder is,' I think to myself, annoyed. I'm not angry at Amy for asking him out because I like him. 'No, I don't like him at all,' I add silently to my thoughts. What makes me angry is the fact that she goes through so much trouble just to bother me. 

"Oh well," I mutter to myself. Then I remember that I left Strikey on the ground, loose. Staring downward, I realize that he's nowhere to be seen. "Oh God, no."

Last time I left Strikey loose in public and lost him, it was in a grocery store. I found him 20 minutes later, sitting in the dairy section, nibbling on an expensive chunk of cheese.

"Strikey!" I call out under my breath. No response. I begin panicking, knowing that he could be anywhere by now. He could even be out in the hallways with the rest of the students. 'What happens if he gets hurt? What am I gonna do then?' I ask myself. 

A faint, barely audible meow comes from the "teen/young adult fiction" section. Without any hesitation, I rush off towards it.

"Strikey?" I ask quietly. Yet again, I receive no response. I hear footsteps shuffling from behind me, and out of the corner of my eye, I spot Ryder. He gives me a confused look.

"Who are you talking to?" He asks, glancing around. After making sure that I was alone, he looks back at me. 

"I um..." I try and find an excuse. The "I'm talking to myself" one is starting to seem a little suspicious. Unfortunately, I find nothing and instead, I just stand there and busy myself with looking at books. 

I feel him staring at me, and then he speaks again. "I know about it."

"About what?" I ask, not looking at him. For the time being, my worries about Strikey disappear.

"I know that you have Schizophrenia," he says. He pronounces "Schizophrenia" incorrectly, but I know what he means.

I freeze, staring at the bookshelf, feeling a bad mixture of shock, horror, and fury flow through me. "H-how?"

The End

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