Keeping The SecretMature


Leaning against a wall, trying not to look suspicious, I watch as Camilla walks out the door of the classroom. She glances around, looking for me, and then smiles when she spots me. I smile back, knowing that I had passed as innocent. 

"We've got a free period now," I say, walking over to her. She nods and stares down at her class schedule. 

"What do you want to do?" She asks, looking back up after a few seconds. 

"How about we just go to the library?" I suggest. Maybe if I go there, I can focus enough to re-learn what we went over in biology. She brightens up a lot when I mention the library; she must like it there.

I'm about to ask her if she likes to read when she shifts, looking uncomfortable with something in her backpack. "Stop it, Strikey," she hisses under her breath.

Strikey... the word alarms me; it's the same one she used in her conversation with Mrs. Green. 'What the hell does it mean?' I ask myself, frustrated.

"Huh?" I ask, acting as if I'd never heard the word before in my life. 

"I um... nothing..." She mumbles, shifting again. I shake my head slightly, but say nothing. "Let's get to the library," she adds, changing the subject back to the original one.

"Alright. I'm guessing you don't know where that is," I guess. I, myself, don't know where it is either. This is my first day as a highschooler, since we're in 9th grade now and the town had a middle school for 6th grade to 8th grade. 

"Yeah," she says, blushing from embarrassment. 

"Well, that makes two of us," I say reassuringly, grinning at her as I pat down my pockets for my map. With no luck there, I unzip my backpack and begin shifting through my backpack. Everything in there is neat and sorted out, but I find no map of the school. "And it appears that I've lost my map."

"I've got one," Camilla says brightly. She fumbles around with her pockets for a moment before pulling out her map. It's crinkled and balled up, causing me to twitch, but I take it anyway.

I stare down at it, pretending as if I'm reading it. I know, though, that I can't read it. Just like every other map in the world, and most of the books, too. 'Damn dyslexia... I just want to be normal,' I think angrily to myself.

"I can't read it," I mumble after awhile. Letting out a sigh, I hand the map back to her. My face heats with embarrassment and anger and I bite my lip to keep from crying. Nobody knows about my problem except my dad and he just told me to "suck it up and try harder". He got me a tutor, but she doesn't really help me much because nobody ever told her I had anything wrong with me and I doubt anyone was going to do that anytime soon.

"You can't?" She asks, looking surprised and slightly confused. "But it's easy to read. See? The library's at the East wing of the school. We're in the South wing." 

I shrug, biting down harder on my lip. "You can lead, then."

She nods and leads me off, down the hallway and towards the library. Thankfully, she doesn't question my inabilities further and I feel a bit of relief.

The End

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