As biology lets out, I mentally give it a review, as if I'm critiquing the class. 'It was boring and hard... and it seemed really hard...' I think to myself. 'So hard... I hate it already.' 

The thing I hate most about school is that it seems like nobody else struggles with it except me. 'Why do I have to have problems with it? Why do I have to have a tutor?' Questions like these are flying through my mind as I get up and begin packing stuff into my backpack. 

I glance upwards to see who's still in class; it's just me, Camilla, and Mrs. Green. Camilla's standing a few feet ahead, waiting for me. Not wanting to make her late for the next class, I begin moving my things around in my backpack as I walk, trying to make room for my biology book.

"Camilla," Mrs. Green says softly. I glance up from my struggles to see what's going on. "Could we speak in private?"

"S-sure," Camilla stutters out in response.

Noting how panicked Camilla looks, I decide it'd be better if I wasn't around to listen.

"I'll meet you outside, I guess," I offer, heading towards the door without waiting for her response. Just as I'm about to close it, I hear her mumble an "alright" to me. 


In the hallway, people are shoving around to get to the next class. It's loud, and nobody seems to notice me. Glancing around quickly to make sure nobody's watching, I press my ear against the classroom door, watching Camilla and the teacher through the glass pane out of the corner of my eye. I'm curious as to what she's in trouble for.

Their voices are muffled and slightly hard to hear, but I manage it. Unfortunately, I'm slightly too late, because they're already speaking.

The first thing I hear is Mrs. Green, and she sounds kind of sad. "I know how you must feel, Camilla. Having Schizophrenia is not easy... especially when you're somewhere new, with new people, and you're nervous," she says.

'What's Schizophrenia?' I wonder, raking my brain for any knowledge of the word. I find nothing of the sort, and make a mental note to myself to look it up later.

Camilla speaks too quietly, so I don't hear her response to Mrs. Green's statement or what the teacher says next. I do, however, hear the next thing Camilla says. 

"Strikey," she hisses in a loud and annoyed tone.

I hear the sound of footsteps getting louder and louder and quickly back away from the door and lean against a nearby wall, acting as if I didn't hear any of it. I might as well not have; none of it made sense to me.

The End

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