As Raven pulls into the parking spot nearest to the school entrance, I get out and swing my backpack over my shoulder. Raven gets out, slams her door shut, and holds her backpack by it's strap like a purse. 'Leave it to Raven to hold it like that,' I think, rolling my eyes.

"What do you think?" She asks, motioning to the large building looming in front of us. Around us, what seems to be hundreds of kids shove by, causing me to stumble slightly. 

"I-It looks big. And busy," I mumble. I've never felt more nervous before, and it doesn't help that I can feel Strikey shifting inside my backpack. I had to put him in there so nobody would step on him.

"It's less busy when everyone gets settled in. Since this is the first day, it'll seem kinda busy. Least you're not the only new kid, eh?" She asks. What she says confuses me; it isn't until she points to a group of 7th graders that I know what she means. The statement annoys me slightly, since she just compared me to kids that are two grades younger than me.

"If you say so," I say, shifting from my right foot to my left repeatedly. My mind is buzzing from all the new sounds and people, giving me a horrible headache.

"Well, let's go," she says cheerily. She grabs me by the arm and basically starts dragging me into the building, shoving a few people to get through. 


"Here you are; first period. Biology," Raven says. I open my mouth to protest, not wanting to be left by myself with strange people, but she shoves me into the classroom and closes the door behind me.

"Hello there," a woman says. She has dark brown hair, brown eyes... she looks about forty. "Are you our new student?" 

I nod, swallowing hard. My face burns red with a mixture of embarrassment and fear as I look around the class; I don't see any familiar faces. 

"Class, this is Camilla Flemming," the woman announces, turning her attention to the other students. Some of them stare at me as if they're judging me, while others just nod and go back to talking to each other. "Why don't you go find a seat, Camilla? My name is Mrs. Green, by the way."

"O-okay," I stammer, scanning the room for an empty desk. It only takes a few seconds, and I hurry across the room and slide into the chair. Beside me sits an angry looking boy. His face is contorted into a scowl and his blue eyes are narrowed. 

I decide it'd probably be better not to say anything and instead busy myself with taking my things out of my backpack. When I reach Strikey, I freeze, wondering what I should do with him. He stares up at me from inside the bag with a tired look on his face.

"Shhh. Just stay in there," I whisper quietly to him. The boy next to me stops scowling, but only to give me a confused look.

"You talking to me?" He says, his voice deep and slightly dry sounding.

"Oh, um... No..." I mumble, my face returning it's red coloring. The boy glances around, looking for someone else I might have been talking to, and stares back at me, having found no-one.

"Who are you talking to then?" He asks, his eyes narrowed in suspicion. 

"I um... No-one... I was talking to myself, that's all," I say quickly, using the first excuse that came to mind. He shrugs and goes back to scowling. Without another word to Strikey, I zip up my backpack and sit resume sitting normally.

"Welcome, class, to---" Mrs. Green gets cut off as the door to the classroom opens back up. 

"I'm so sorry I'm late. Band was running a few minutes behind and the hallways were crowded and---" The boy trails off, trying to catch his breath. "And I had troubles finding my way here. You know, first day and all..."

"Just sit down, Ryder. We were about to begin," Mrs. Green says, waving her hand for him to get a seat and sit down. At the name "Ryder", I recognize the boy. He's the same person I ran into at the icecream shop the other day.

Ryder nods and hurries across the room, sliding into the only empty desk left; the one next to mine. 

"Oh hi, Camilla," he says, smiling at me. "Didn't think you went here."

"No... I didn't. This is my first day," I reply. He nods and we both turn our attention back to Mrs. Green and our first biology lesson.

The End

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