Almost LateMature


It's 5:45 when my alarm goes off the next morning. Due to being in the school band, I have to get up earlier so I can make it to practice, which is at 7:30. Giggles and shrieks coming from Peter and Aaron's room informs me that they're already awake.

"Shut the hell up!" I yell across the hall to them. I don't feel like listening to that the entire day, and I know that unless someone says something, they'll keep going. 

"Sorry Ry!" Aaron squeaks, popping his head through the crack between my door and the wall. Peter pops his head through the crack too, but he doesn't look very apologetic; in fact, he looks amused. 

"We'll be quieter," Peter mutters, rolling his blue eyes at me. I shrug and they dart off, back to their own bedroom.

I pull out a pair of black skinny jeans, a plain light blue t-shirt, and a navy hoodie with the word "Hollister" across the chest from my closet. With ease, I change out of my pajamas, toss them onto the floor, and put on my clothes. 


After shoveling down a bowl of cereal, I pull on a pair of black and blue converse hightops and grab my backpack.

"Aaron! Peter! Are you coming or not?" I yell, glancing at my watch. The face of the watch reads off 7:05. 'I'm gonna be late for band if they don't hurry up,' I think, frustrated, to myself. 

It's 7:10 by the time they're finally ready to go. In a rush now, I hurry out the door and head towards the school, glancing over my shoulder occasionally to make sure they're still following me. 

The End

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