I wake up the next morning to my father and mother screaming. Not at each other, but at me and Raven. 

"GET YOUR LAZY ASSES OUT OF BED!" Dad screams from the bottom of the staircase. I let out of a loud groan and throw my pillow over my head. To my annoyance, his voice is still loud, even through the pillow. "WE'RE GONNA BE LATE FOR CHURCH." 

"I'M AWAKE!" Raven yells back. A few seconds later, I hear her roll out of bed and walk across her room. I, however, remain in bed.


Forcing myself out of bed with a heavy sigh, I yell back. "I'M OUT OF BED, OKAY?"

"IT'S ABOUT FREAKING TIME," mum yells back. 

"Honestly, I can't fly out of bed..." I mutter to myself. I stumble across the room, my vision still blurry with sleep. Reaching my closet, I pull out the dressiest clothes that I can find and change, throwing my pajamas onto my bed. 

"You need in the bathroom?" Raven asks, popping her head through my doorway. I shake my head no and begin brushing out my hair. "Oh, alright." 

I finish getting around, grab my shoes, and go downstairs to leave.


As dad pulls our car into a parking spot at the church parking lot, I let out an annoyed groan at the sight of my enemy. She's standing at the front door of the church, flipping her long brown hair out of her way every few seconds. Her name's Amelia, but she prefers Amy, and she's smarter than Einstein. Or at least, that's how she likes to act. 

As I get out of the car, my bible in hand, she walks over to me. "Hi Cam!" She exclaims, smiling widely.

"Hi Amy," I mumble, staring at her dully. I had hoped she wouldn't see me, but it was obvious that she had.

"How are you doing?" She asks in a sweet, innocent tone. The grip I have on my bible tightens as I have the longing to throttle her. 

"I'm fine, you?" I manage to hiss through my clenched teeth. I really have no clue what bothers me about her, since she's always so nice to me.

"Excellent! I got a 100 on my tests, Friday!" She says, staring happily at me with her hazel eyes. Right... Now I remember why I hated her. 

"Come on, you're gonna make us late if you stand there babbling all day," mum calls from a few feet away. I nod a goodbye to Amy and hurry away, relieved to have found a reason to leave her. 

The End

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