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The person that bumped into me jumps backwards. My clothes are now dripping with icecream, but I really don't mind. The person is a girl, looking as if she was around my own age. Her hair is a bright, fiery orange color; only about a shade darker than Peter and Aaron's hair and she's a few inches shorter than me.

"I'm so sorry!" She exclaims, her green eyes wide with a mixture of horror and embarrassment. 

Handing her a few napkins to wipe her clothes off with, I grin at her. "It's fine," I say. I grab some more napkins and start wiping off myself as I speak. Out of the corner of my eye, I watch her open up her mouth, but an older girl with raven black hair speaks first.

"Are those your little brothers over there?" The girl with raven black hair asks, pointing to the table where Aaron and Peter sit.

"Unfortunately, yes. They are," I say, glancing over my shoulder quickly to make sure I'm speaking of the same kids as her. They're flicking bits of icecream at each other now, giggling as loud as humanly possible, and both their faces are covered in sherbert now. I turn my head back around to look at the two girls again.

"They're so cute," She says with a broad grin. I roll my eyes as she hurries away and sits down across the table from them.

"I'm sorry about my sister, Raven. She's a little um..." She trails off, staring over her. 

"Yeah, I understand. It's fine; at least somebody likes the little brats," I say, chuckling softly to myself. "I'm Ryder, by the way."

"My name's Camilla," she mumbles in response. She looks rather nervous all of a sudden, but I don't question it.

I glance back over at Aaron and Peter, who are currently rolling around on the floor, shrieking loudly. "I should get going," I say, waving my hand in the direction of them. 

"Oh, well... bye, I guess," she says. I nod at her, grab a few more napkins, and hurry off towards the two of them.

Grabbing Peter by the arm, I attempt to force them apart. To my annoyance, they keep kicking and shrieking at each other.

"Get the hell off him!" I hiss loudly at Peter. This causes a few people sitting at the tables close to us to turn their heads in our direction. Finally, they stop fighting and I pull them apart. After roughly wiping the sherbert off their faces, I drag them out of the shop. Walking quickly, I half drag, half lead them back home, muttering angrily to myself the entire way.


"Go upstairs," my dad says roughly to Aaron and Peter as soon as we walk in the door. They glance at each other, then at me, and then hurry up to their room without taking off their shoes and jackets. 

"What did I do wrong now?" I shoot at him. He scowls at me, looking angrier than ever.

"Look at what came in the mail today!" He screams at me. I open my mouth to ask what, but close it when he whips a piece of paper out from behind his back. I stare at it, just barely making out my test scores and a huge "D" on the corner of it.

"I'm sorry, dad. I tried my---" He cuts me off with a hard slap to my face. "Dad, please... I'll try harder!" I scream between sobs. 

"Dammit, kid! Don't raise your voice at me!" He yells back, readying his hand to slap me again. 

Turning around, I walk upstairs without another word. I hold my cheek with one hand, sobbing so heavily that I have troubles breathing. Peter and Aaron stare anxiously at me from their bedroom door.

"Ry, what's wrong?" Aaron asks, hurrying over to me when I reach the top of the stairs. He hugs my waist tightly, trying to comfort me.

"Just leave me alone," I mumble. Aaron's blue eyes shine with disappointment, but he does as he's told. He hurries back over to Peter and they close their door.

I stare at the closed door for a moment and then shake my head. Stomping off into my bedroom, I slam the door and throw myself down onto my bed, not caring who hears me crying anymore. 

The End

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