The MessMature


I walk straight into the person, getting icecream all over myself and the stranger. I let out an embarrassed squeak and jump back a few feet. 

"I'm so sorry!" I say, staring at the person with a wide-eyed look on my face. The person I bumped into is a tall, but thin, boy that looks about my age. His hair is light brown and it hangs in his brown eyes, slightly. He's wearing a white and blue plaid shirt, but it's soaking wet now; so are his jeans, which are dark blue.

He simply grins at me and offers me a few napkins to wipe myself off with. "It's fine," he says, wiping off his own close as he speaks.

I open my mouth to respond, but Raven speaks first.

"Are those your little brothers over there?" She asks, pointing to two bright red haired boys. Both of their faces are covered in freckles and icecream. They're giggling loudly and flicking bits of melted sherbert at each other.

"Unfortunately, yes. They are," he says, rolling his eyes. 

"They're so cute," she says with a grin. Without another word, she goes over to them and starts talking to them.

"I apologize about my sister, Raven. She's a little um..." I search for a word girly enough to describe her, but I find none.

"Yeah, I understand. It's fine; at least someone likes the little brats," he says with a chuckle. "I'm Ryder, by the way."

"My name's Camilla," I mumble quietly. My fear of socialization is quickly coming back to me. 

"I should get going," Ryder says. He motions with his left hand to his brothers, who are now shrieking and wrestling on the shop floor. 

"Oh, well... bye, I guess." I say. He nods and walks off quickly, clutching a few extra napkins in his hand. 

"Get the hell off of him!" Ryder hisses at the older of the two boys. I can just barely hear him say this. I watch as he pulls the two apart, roughly wipes their faces off, and drags them out of the shop.

Raven wanders back over to my side a few moments later, still grinning. She nudges me in the elbow and says, "He's cute."

"Shut up," I shoot at her. She giggles slightly and then walks out the shop door, not waiting to see if I'm following or not. I hesitate for a moment, glancing down at my clothes, which are now soaked and covered in icecream, and then follow her quickly out the door.


Just as I walk in the front door and take off my jacket and shoes, my mum begins yelling. 

"Where the hell have you been?!" She asks, her face only inches away from my own. I cringe slightly, as her breath smells horrid. 

"We told you we were going out for icecream," I say, taking a step back. Raven was standing there, however, and I end up bumping into her. My face reddens deeply. "Sorry, Raven. Didn't notice you there..." 

"It's fine. Let's go do our homework," she offers sweetly. I know she's just saving me from another fight with mum, though. Mum nods in approval, though she still looks furious with me. 

"Alright," I mumble, walking upstairs and into my room. Raven follows me, after grabbing her own homework from her backpack in her bedroom. 

The End

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