After helping Aaron put his jacket and sneakers on, I lead him and Peter out the front door.

"Bye, dad!" Aaron yells happily.

"Bye Aaron. Bye Peter," My dad yells back. I notice that he didn't say goodbye to me, but I choose to ignore it rather than dwell on it.

"Are we gonna have to walk?" Peter asks. He's standing a few feet ahead of me on the sidewalk, poking Aaron's neck with a stick he had picked up.

"Yes, we're gonna have to walk. You know I can't drive," I say with an annoyed eye-roll. Peter stops prodding Aaron with the stick at these words and lets out a groan.

"Why can't dad take us?" He complains loudly. Aaron simply stands there, staring up at the sky with a distracted look on his face.

"Because dad didn't offer to... Aaron, what the hell are you looking at?" I ask, turning my attention to the younger boy. 

"Look at the squirrel," Aaron says cheerily. He grins and points up at a squirrel sitting on a powerline. 

"Leave it to you to notice the squirrel," I say, chuckling softly. "Let's get going now. We want to get there before it closes." 

Aaron nods, finally looking back down from the powerline. Peter continues grumbling, but doesn't refuse. 

"Still don't know why we have to walk," Peter mumbles grumpily, pulling his jacket closer to himself. "So cold... We'll freeze to death before we get there..." 

"Oh shut up and walk, would you?" I snap at him. He opens his mouth to say something more, and then shuts it again, realizing that I could just send him back home if I wanted to. 


As I open the door and watch Peter and Aaron dart into the shop, a bell jingles to notify the workers that people have entered.

"Good evening!" A worker says, peering at us from the other side of the counter.

"Evening," I mumble, distracted by the different flavors of icecream in front of me. Peter and Aaron have their noses pressed against the glass, staring longingly at the icecream.

"What to you want?" I ask them.

"Sherbert!" They say at the same time; and rather loudly, at that. 

"Coming right up," The worker says, smiling sweetly at them. 

"I'll have moose tracks for myself," I tell her. 

"Of course," She says with a nod. 

She hands the three of us our icecream and we go and sit down at a table. It doesn't take but a few seconds for Aaron to get it all over himself. 

"Good God, Aaron," I say with a sigh, staring at the rainbow sherbert that now covers most of his face. Peter gives him a sideways glance and bursts out laughing.

"You've got a little something... all over," Peter says, giggling maniacally. Aaron giggles with him, letting out a snort occasionally. 

"I'll get some napkins," I mutter. Standing back up, I turn around and make my way to the counter. I'm almost in arm's reach of the napkins when someone walks straight into me. 

The End

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