Clumsier Than Ever BeforeMature


As I walk out the front door behind Raven, I'm met with the cold, chilly breeze that comes along with late fall. Stopping for a moment, I zip up my thick, dark blue hoodie. 

"Come on! You're slow as hell," Raven yells mockingly. She's already in the car, the window rolled down. Blushing and flustered, I hurry across the front yard, open the car door, and get in. 

"It's about time," she says, nudging me in the side with her elbow. I grin at her and buckle myself in. 

"Anything else?" I ask jokingly.

"Maybe. We'll have to wait and see, eh?" She says. We both burst out laughing, unable to do anything else. After a few minutes, the laughing dies down and Raven turns on the radio. One of the few things we have in common in musical taste; we both love rock music.

Within seconds, we have the stereo blasting and we're singing along to Three Days Grace in horribly off-key voices.


"I'll have three scoops of panda paws in a bowl," I mumble, glancing between the icecream display and the worker.

"What was that?" The worker asks, unable to hear my quiet mumbling.

"She said she'd have three scoops of panda paws in a bowl," Raven repeats for me. I smile gratefully at her and she simply smiles back in response. "Oh, and I'll have three scoops of mint chocolate chip in a cone for myself."

The worker nods and busies herself with preparing our icecream for us. 

"So, you start public school Monday... Any clue on what you're gonna wear?" Raven asks as we wait. I roll my eyes. Leave it to her to ask about fashion. 

"No. Of course I haven't. Have you ever even met me?" I ask her. 

"Here you go. Have a nice day," The worker says with a smile, placing our icecream on the counter. 

"Thank you," Raven says cheerily, instantly taking her icecream cone and licking it. I nod a "thank you", take my icecream, and turn around to sit down at a table. I don't even make it five steps, however, before I collide with someone. 

The End

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