Aaron and PeterMature


Just as I reach the top of the staircase, something grabs a hold of waist. I look down to see my seven year old brother, Aaron, standing with his arms wrapped around my waist and the side of his head pressed against my ribs. 

"Whatcha doing, Aaron?" I ask him, suddenly forgetting my fight with my dad and the pain in my cheek.

"Peter's coming!" Aaron squeaks, staring up at me with his dark blue eyes. Some of his bright orange hair falls into his eyes as he speaks. Peter's my twelve year old brother and the most annoying kid I've ever met.

"Oh, I see," I say, glancing around for any signs of him. "What are you two playing?"

"Ninjas!" Aaron says with a big grin. 

"Of course," I say, rolling my eyes. Ninjas was their favorite game and they played it almost all the time. 

Aaron opens his mouth to respond but he doesn't get the chance. Peter darts out from behind his bedroom door, tackling Aaron in seconds. I watch them wrestle for a moment before picking my guitar case back up and walking into my bedroom.

"Those kids... way too much energy," I mumble, locking the door behind me. I put my guitar case safely away into my closet and sink down into my desk chair.

Loud thumps, bangs, and playful screams erupt from the other side of the door as I pull my algebra homework out of my backpack. Carefully, I set down the pile of homework pages and notes onto my desk, straightening them out neatly and organizing the notes and homework pages into smaller piles. 

Once they're organized, I set to work. I start to feel confused the moment I look at the first problem.

"Maybe I'll just wait for Amy to get here," I say to myself. Amy's my tutor and she'll be here in two hours, at 8:00. I stand back up, brush the wrinkles out of my dark blue jeans, and open my bedroom door again.

In the hallway, Peter has Aaron pinned to the ground. They're both giggling like maniacs and neither of them take any particular notice in me.

"Want to come get icecream with me?" I ask them. The word "icecream" catches their attention. 

"YES!" Peter says, instantly releasing his grip on Aaron's wrists and scrambling up into a standing position. Aaron grins widely and nods, getting up also.

"Let's go then," I say. Grabbing my jacket, I yell over my shoulder to dad. "We'll be back soon! We're going to get icecream."

The End

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