Bad NewsMature

This is only mature because it has mild swearing.
Also, this has gay/lesbian romance. If you don't like that, either don't read it or suck it up and grow up a little.
There is also a minor theme of cutting.
Other than that, enjoy, rate, comment, favorite, recommend... whatever you'd like to do.


I sit in the middle of my room, my vision blurred from just waking up. It's an early Saturday morning, probably around 7:30. I usually don't wake up until 10:00 or so, but I couldn't sleep well. I was having bad dreams all night.

I continue sitting in my room, on the floor, petting my cat Strikey. I'm the only one who can see him, though. My parents think I'm weird for having an "imaginary" cat, but to me he isn't imaginary. I can see him, feel him... even hear him.

They took me to the doctor about it a few years back and the results came out with the announcement that I had Schizophrenia. They offered me help to "fix the problem", but I see nothing wrong with having a cat nobody else can see, so I just refused it.

I pet Strikey, mumbling to him quietly. "You're the only one who understands me," I say quietly to him. He simply purrs and rubs his head against my hand in response. He really is,  too. I have no other friends and my parents think I'm a freak. I hardly even see other kids, because I'm homeschooled.

I hear my mum moving around downstairs and realize that I must have woken her up.

"Camilla! Get your ass down here and stop talking to that damn cat! It's not even real," she yells from the bottom of the staircase. 

"He's real to me," I mumble quietly. Setting Strikey on the ground, I get up and walk down the stairs. "What do you even want?"

"You're going to public school. Your father and I have discussed it and it seems like that's what's best for you. You need to get out and make some damn friends instead of sitting here talking to a cat that's not even real," she says, scowling at me. "You start next Monday, by the way."

All I can do is stare at her, shocked and horrified.

The End

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