Chapter Two: Meeting RainMature

Caught by the Wind/A Short Torturing

Noah opened his eyes. Bright light assaulted his vision, flooding his retinas with pain. His eyes stung and watered, and he shut them tight. Blue shapes lay on the other side of his blood red eyelids. He waited a couple minutes, and as his eyes adjusted the pain lessened. He opened his eyes.

The light was still very bright, and it was all he could see. He turned his head, but was not able to get it out of his vision. That was when Noah realized his hands and feet were bound to the chair he was sitting on. Then his wrist started to hurt. 

It started to sting, as he fully woke up, and then it turned into an unavoidable ache that reverberated in his whole body. He pulled at it, and a stab of pain went through his arm that made him whimper. Noah was thinking wildly when he heard a door slam.

“What? Who’s there?” said Noah groggily. The light snapped off, and Noah was plunged into blackness. It wasn’t very dark in the room but Noah couldn’t see a thing because of the brightness of the light. A voice came out of the darkness.

“Noah Lawrence?” Noah’s head jerked when he heard his name. The voice was low and unbroken, emotionless. “Ah, that is you. Now, we have some questions for you. If you do not answer these questions or do not provide punishment, there will be pain. Here is an example of pain.” There was silence for a moment and then Noah felt movement beside him. Something big brushed past him and crouched behind him. His wrist, the right one, the one that hurt, was cut free and instantly grabbed with a iron grip. Noah felt strong fingers around his arm and then a hand at his wrist. “Your wrist is broken, you probably already know that. My friend has his hand around your wrist,” said the voice, “Now.”

The hand on his wrist twisted it around, and Noah felt pain like never before. It was like the moment of intense pain when you break a bone, which Noah had done before, but times tenfold and continuous. “Aggggg,” Noah croaked. It was a quiet, submissive noise, a noise of pain. The man behind Noah stood and walked away.

“So,” said the voice, “that is pain. We wouldn’t want that again, would we?” Noah said nothing. “I said, would we?” the voice repeated, smooth and calm. Noah shook his head. “Good,” said the voice, “Now. First question. What do you know of Leonardo Inson?”

The End

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