Interlude I: First Day on the Job/LoveMature

A new job, a new day, new people. A new atmosphere. As I walk through the station I can still taste the booze from the night before in the back of my mouth, can still feel the light headache I have, can still smell the girl that shared my bed. She’s still at my apartment, probably, sleeping. When she finds my note she’ll call. I wonder when that’ll be.

When I first started talking to her, something had clicked. She was incredibly easy to talk to, had a beautiful face and made me a bit nervous, something I’d never felt with a girl before. She was special, that much was evident. When she kissed me out in the alley behind the bar, when she kissed me before I kissed her, I knew. I knew I would be spending the night with this girl and I knew I would be spending a lot more then that. I’ve been in love a couple times, but it’s never been like this. 

When I’m in love with a girl, I know it, a physical feeling hits me like a wave. But the feeling doesn’t start from my chest, rather the pit of my stomach. It’s a hollow, bitter yet addictive feeling, and once it starts it won’t go away for hours. The feeling is beautiful, and you crave it. There is nothing better then that feeling, and even though I know it might be different for everyone I hope everyone can feel it.

I know it’s crazy to be in love for one night, and that could make me vulnerable, weak and open to this girl, but I don’t care. All I know is I felt it with her, I can still feel it, and it’s stronger, much stronger than it’s ever been.

A hand on my shoulder yanks me out of my mind. 

“Hey, Raymond, right?” a rough voice asks me. I turn and there stands Stefan Woller, the chief of police. He is huge, standing at least six four. He takes his hand, which is massive, off my shoulder and offers it to me. I take a hand off the box I’m carrying and shake his, my hand disappearing in his. Woller’s grip is strong, but I know mines stronger. 

“Call me Ray,” I say amiably, and the chief smiles. 

“Come on, Ray,” he rumbles, putting his hand back on my shoudler and steering me through a wide door, “Come have a look around,” I know Woller is only being so nice because of my record in the Academy, but I decide to take it. The best way to deal with someone who plays you is to play them right back. 

The End

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