Firefight IIMature

The wall fell on Noah and then he was gone, buried by rubble. Leo had known what was going to happen as he threw the grenade back out the window, but Noah didn’t so as Leo vaulted the counter, chunks of the wall and roof covered him in seconds. Leo hoped he was still alive. 

Down behind the counter, Leo popped a new clip into his pistol, cocking it. He grabbed a plate from the ground and flung it over the counter blindly in the direction of the door, standing up at the same time. He saw four men, all looking instinctively over to where the plate crashed on the ground. He shot two, aiming and firing, cocking the gun, aiming and firing then slipped back down. Bullets crashed all around him, and he thanked the counter for protecting him. The rain of fire continued for a few moments, followed by a series of clicks. 

Leo grabbed another plate, in case there was another man he hadn’t seen. As he was tensing to stand up and throw it he heard the roar of an engine. He warily looked over of the top of the counter to see a black SUV pull out of the parking lot and speed down the road out of site. 

Leo reacted immediately and leapt over the obstacle, cursing, “Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!” He dropped to the pile of rubble and began wildly tearing up chunks but it was obvious Noah was gone. He cursed again, and then saw something shiny amidst the pile of wall. Car keys. Leo smiled, because his luck had just taken a turn for the better. He picked up the keys and ran to Noah’s car. He pulled out onto the road, and was pleased to see the SUV was still in sight, a black dot on the horizon. He drove towards it, towards Machias, towards Noah, towards Rain.

The End

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