Two Pains Of Shoes

"Oh it was a strange day yesterday." Mr B started, sitting on his table and facing us.

"Here he goes..." said the boy sat opposite me mumbled, turning to face him.

"I was walking through D block yesterday, and there was two pairs of shoes on the floor. Just two pairs of shoes." He paused, looking pointedly at two girls sat to one side of him.

"Oh hell..." Jaime said, looking at the girl behind her, who covered her mouth. Ellie went bright red.

"I just thought, woah, two students have been, like, vapourized. All that the aliens have left of them are shoes..." He leaned backwards, grinning. "So I started up the stairs, and stopped on the first floor. Still holding these shoes." He held his hands out, pretending to still be holding the shoes.

I looked at Wayne, who was sat next to me - he looked at me and rolled his eyes before turning back to face Mr B. Ellie was trying to use her black hair to hide her face from the entire class who was now staring at her and Jaime.

"These two people just appeared out of the shadows then, and just looked at me." He put a really straight face on, and opened his eyes wider. "Just reached out for the shoes... like... yeah..." Mr B spent a moment reacting Jaime and Ellie's movements, reaching out for a pair of invisible shoes the invisible person in front of him held.

"What were you doing in English with no shoes on?" One of the girls in the back corner said, raising her voice more than was necessary. Mr B looked at her before looking back at the two subjects of his story.

"You see, Ellie and Jaime decided to see how fast they could run up the all the stairs in English and run back down the other side. Doing the run in socks meant no noise." He gave the girls his look of shame. "Doing the run in socks means having your shoes questioned by a member of staff." And the class burst out laughing, just as the lesson finished.

The End

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