Anna LynnMature

Anna Lynn is your typical girl but shes gay her mom cheated on her dad with a girl so her mom is gay and they are moving into her moms girlfriends house in florida and the mothers girlfriend has a daughter who is gay they are just one gay family

My name is Anna Lynn and this is my story when I was little I had two parents and they got along just fine I mean they fought from time to time but it would be weird if they didn't right? Anyway when I turned sixteen they told me that they were getting a divorce and it didn't come as a shock to me as a matter of fact it didn't affect me at all I kinda saw this all coming they have been fighting more often dad has gotten more and more drunk over the years but I guess they never thought I noticed so I pretended to be shocked like I didn't know anything that I still thought they were still happily married couple with the perfect daughter so that's what I acted like. “Anna! did you even hear a word i was saying?” My mother asks me. We are sitting in Starbucks and i’m stirring my nonfat sugar free mochi with my straw I look up at my mother and say “What I didn't hear a word to be honest i’m still trying to get past the fact that you and dad are getting a fucking divorce” “Anna look I know your mad” I cut my mom off “No mom I’m not mad I’m just like every other teenage girl out there who doesn't have both parents living in the same household” I say this with a harsh hint of sarcasm.

“Anna look its hard on me to”.

“Really mom is it lets remember one thing YOU are the one who cheated on dad.YOU are the one who lied and said that you had to work late at the office and i just don't think that this is fair to dad and to make matters worse you want to move us to Florida and buy a house with your girlfriend oh and there goes another thing your gay now don't get me wrong good job for you coming out of the closet but you could have told dad it was a dude and then you won't even let me see him and your taking me away from my friends and my girlfriend at least I came out to you guys and didn't date a guy at first”

I can see the hurt in my moms eyes but right now i really don't care i just want to get this move over with so that way i don't have to see this town again and as i look at my mom now she doesn't seem the same she is wearing make-up for one and she has first class plane tickets in her hand I finish my drink get up and we leave.

“Wow Anna that was a long plane ride”

My mother is trying to talk to me but i simply won't let her we get in the rental car and ride to her girlfriends house and get this her girlfriend has a daughter who is gay and so we are just a big gay family no pun intended.  

The End

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