Chapter 2

I should probably tell you about my house. It is HUGE! I got lost in there once when I was like six or something. It's like an old castle-like mansion. There's a single tower on the right side, the perfect place to spy on the old man; especially since it has a balcony connected that goes all the way around. I could run laps on that thing! My parents' bedroom and my bedroom are on the middle floor, one floor down from the entrance to the tower. My bedroom tends to stay neat and tidy, it's the tower that gets the dirtying. I always know exactly where everything is even if it was hit by a tornado.

Well, I was sitting on the balcony of the tower looking around with my telescope looking for something interesting to to stare at when I spot this moving van. This thing is about five blocks away and there are people unloading things from it.

"Mom!!!!" I yelled as I ran down the tower. I set my telescope carefully into its case on my way down. My mom was in the kitchen. "Mom?"

"Yes?" She asked. She's making cookies, yummy!!!

"There are new people, can I go say hi?"

"Sure, be careful and respectful."

"Kay, thanks mom!" I smiled and ran to the garage. I stopped for a second to decide what to take to get there. I've got a lot of free time, so I learned how to skateboard, roller skate/blade and waveboard. Scootering and biking were learned when I was little. I decided to take the skateboard. I opened the garage and skateboarded out. I stopped and went back to hit the garage button again then headed out.

The End

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