The Stooped Old Man That Lived in a Slide.

There once was an old stooped man that lived in a slide.
He didn't let anyone go down it; all little kids cried.
They weeped and they wailed till the old man sighed
And let them go down his precious slide.

No one remembers when he first moved in. He's just been there. Living in a tube slide at Pollywog Park (that's not it's real name, you can just catch tadpoles/pollywogs there). Man, that place is great. It has a swingset, HUGE playground, many (open topped) slides and one single tube slide; inhabited, of course, by the stooped old man. Back to the man. His back is bent, what little hair left is white, his face is wrinkled, and he is exceptionally small. Other than that, I'll never know. He never comes out except on occasions. Those occasions I will not name, for they number on the list of things I wish I never knew. Which keeps getting longer.

Wait, I haven't told you about myself have I? Oops. Sorry. Well let's go top to bottom. Hi, my name is Sam. My hair is brown and it's gotten just past my shoulder blades. My eyes are hazel. My shirt is always too big, but I don't care. I like it. I'm extremely small for my age. I'm always spying on the Stooped Old Man with my grandfather's telescope. My mom thinks I should get rid of it, but she let's me keep it anyway. I know, she's extremely awesomely awesome. My dad is awesome too. He always does this board game of Stratego with me when I want to. Mostly Sundays. That's when the Stooped Old Man hides out in his slide.

The End

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