Chapter VII

"Step away from the vee-hee-cle" Great. More annoying Americans. Two policemen came up behind us. The one on the left was speaking. Me and Harry backed away with out hands up. 

"May I ask what you are doing crashing a car into a river station?" the second police officer said.

"Sorry officer" I said "It was going too fast and we had to jump out before we were killed"

"Ha ha. Very funny" the officer said sarcastically. "Lookee here. We have the female version of James Bond"

"But it's true!" Harry objected "The engine was full of sawdust" then the officers were serious again.

"I'm sorry mister. Lying to a police officer is a criminal offence"

"He's not lying! Just look!" I gestured to the crumpled car.

"Now then. Who would buy a car with sawdust in the engine. Lying again. I'll have to arrest you for stealing this car and lying to an officer" and handcuffs were put on us both. I knew there was no point arguing.


We were thrown in separate cells after being searched for things like guns and drugs.  I don't know why they thought we'd have those. I mean, we were a woman in red shorts a a purple strappy top, and a man in quite a dirty suit. Seriously. And besides we didn't have anything to our names anyway: we'd left it all in the mining village. My cell was made of grey stone. It wasn't very big and the absolutely minuscule window was near the high ceiling. It let no light in, it might as well've not been there. I needed to get out of this place and I needed to do it fast. The cuts and grazes I had gained jumping out of the car had just started to sting painfully, and a few of them were bleeding. I was stressed. I paced the small cell and wondered how I would ever get out of here. After getting nothing, I dropped angrily to the floor in the corner and pressed my head against the wall. Something sharp dug into my head. I felt the back of my head and my fingers encountered something small. I pulled it out of my hair. A paperclip. A paperclip? Of coarse! I had put a paperclip in my hair for lack of hairpin. My hair had fallen around it and then I'd lost it in the mess of brown. I was so happy! This was the solution! I stretched it into a line of thin wire.

There was a guard pacing outside. His shoes tapped quietly on the gravel. I picked up one of the stones that had fallen from the crumbling brick and threw it along the corridor.My aim had never been good so it managed to go to the side a bit and it clanged noisily against the bars of someone else's cell. There was a shout and the guard ran off to see what was going on. I shoved the elongated paperclip into the lock on the outside of my cell. I twizzled it until I heard a satisfying click. The gate swung open. I quickly found Harry's cell and did the same for him. We ran out of the prison. There were a few shouts and the pounding of feet as people ran after us. We turned a corner around a building but no-one saw us and they carried on running forwards. We ran, to nowhere in particular. We just ran as far away from that place as possible.

The End

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