Chapter VI

We went to the car hire place the next morning. We had to look for it but it wasn't too hard: we just followed the path.

"Hi" I said, walking up to the desk "We'd like to hie a car"

"Well take yer pick" Ugh. He had the same annoying accent as the mule man. This man, however, looked untrustworthy. 

"How much is your cheapest car?"

"Mah cheapest car? It's that one. Just take it" he said,motioning to a small car. I didn't really trust him, but as soon as I said 'cheapest' I realised that I hadn't got any American money on me whatsoever as I left it all at Gran's in my rush to get out. So this rusty old car would have to do. I sighed.

"Is it in good condition?"

"It's gonna have ta be isn't it?" the man was now holding my purse, searching through it. I snatched it back and got in the car. 

"Stupid, ignorant - " let's just say I mumbled some other, probably really inappropriate words about the man. Harry got in the car next to me and I turned the key in the ignition and the small car spluttered to life a little too loudly. It sounded like a chainsaw. I drove it along the road and eventually we came to a hill. It was a steep hill and the was a river and a hotel at the bottom. I eased my foot off the accelerator pedal but the car sped up. It was going faster and faster. I panicked and slammed my foot onto the break but nothing happened. There was only one thing I could think of that would save us from crashing into the river station. That thing that James Bond once did in a film I watched once. "Harry, this car isn't going to stop" I said carefully, trying to keep the panic out of my voice. 

"I noticed" Harry said, just as carefully. 

"Listen, before we hit the station, we're going to have to jump out" I told him. He nodded and put his hand on the door handle. I put one hand on my handle and kept one on the steering wheel. My shaking didn't help. "Wait... wait..." I said as we sped closer to the station. Then just as we got too close I yelled "Go" I let go of the steering wheel, pulled the handle and threw myself out of the car. I landed on the gravel, sending a wave of pain searing up my side. I  hoped to high heavens that Harry was OK.  I rolled and then was stopped by a rock. I sat up in time to see that car smash into the station.The front crumpled and a load of sawdust fell out. Harry got up at the same time I did and we walked over to the car. I was so glad we were at a river station. I needed a bath and some sleep. However that was not what I got.

The End

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