Chapter V

As it turned out, the man had just wanted a way to get the donkey down the mountain. He leant us two spare sleeping bags and tents as thanks. I wandered what he had three tents for. It was dark and the fire was the only source of light we had. We'd found an old rack off something on the ground so we put it over the fire. The annoying guy (who was actually called Greg) also gave us some fish.He must've been really grateful. Anyway, we were now cooking (and probably burning) the fish on the rack. It actually smelled quite nice to say it had been in a sack for a few days. Ugh. Actually, fish a few days old that hadn't been frozen. I wasn't going to eat that.

It was really quiet too,with just the sound of crickets. It was exactly how I imagined camping to be when I was Maiya's age. There were also really small lizards creeping about. They were really cute until you picked them up and they bit you. 

Me and Harry were talking about nothing.when there was a sound. A loud twig-snapping sound. It made me jump.

"Ahh! What was that?"

"Seriously Abbie, it was probably just someone walking along" Harry said. But I wasn't so sure. 

"Someone walking in the middle of nowhere" 

"Yes. We're in the middle of nowhere so why shouldn't anyone else be?" Then three mean looking men came out of the bushes. 

"Who are you?" the one at the front asked in strained English. I decided to make it easier for him.

"Hola. Somos caminantes . Mi amigo no hablo Español" which means something along the lines of 'hello. We are travellers. My friend speaks no Spanish'.

"Ahh. Ya veo. ¿Cuáles son sus nombres?" 

"What are they saying?" Harry asked.

"They want to know our names" I told him.Then I turned to the Spanish man. "Lo siento,pero no suelen decir a la gente nuestros nombre" which is basically 'soory, we don't tell people our names'. 

"Tenemos que ser más específica o nunca vamos a sacar nada de ellos" the one on the right said to him. It means something like 'we are going to have to be more specific or we will never get anything out of them'.

"Si" then he turned to me "¿Es usted Abigail Bishops?"

"Oh!" hardly anyone knew my name. Especially in the middle of nowhere."Umm... si. ¿Cómo sabes mi nombre?"

"Hemos escuchado acerca de su desafío.Vamos a hablar en Inglés ahora, para sa amigo"

"OK. Harry, they know me. They're going to talk in English"

"Oh, OK" he said.

"We have come to help you. We know that your enemy, Mr Anders , is after the jewel too. He is our enemy. Any enemy of his is a friend of ours"


"We cannot help a lot. We know that there is a place to buy cars lower down. We only hope that gets you to the jewel before Mr Anders. We know that he wants it for the wrong reason"

"Thank you. We appreciate your help" I said gratefully.

"Yes, if you need us, we'll always be happy to return the favour" Harry agreed. I noticed how he said 'if you need us, we'll always be happy to return the favour'. As if he was going to spend the rest of his life with me. I said:


"Of coarse. We must go now" and then the Spanish men left.

The End

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