Chapter IV

I stared out over the mountain. I was tired, I'd only had about half an hour's sleep. And that was when I couldn't walk any more. The view was spectacular, and from up here I could see a small river winding it's way through the mountains. The sun was just rising, and it made the water glitter like crystals. Forest covered the rest of the mountains in a hundred different shades of yellow and orange. Presently, the sun was fully in the sky and the town and animals were just waking up. A man came along in the distance, he had two - donkeys, were they? - with him. He stopped and fed something to them. This was my only chance to get down the mountain and nearer to the stone. I got up and started to walk towards him.

"Abbie!" I stopped. Who would be calling me at seven in the morning? Actually, who would know my name at all? Garth would, but the voice was too light for him. I started to walk again. "Abbie, wait!" I whipped around. There was a man running towards me. I shaded my eyes from the sun, surely I was seeing this wrong. This could never be-

"Harry? What are you doing!" I yelled so he would hear me. 

"Coming with you" he panted as he caught up with me.

"What? You can't come with me! I left you there for your own safety!" I exclaimed.

"What's not safe about a girl travelling alone?" he questioned. That caught me off guard. He couldn't know about the stone. I shook my head.

"Nothing. You can come. Just don't blame me if you get hurt. I said. He smiled. "Come on. If we're gonna get downthe mountain then we'll have to ask that man" I pointed to the man with the mules. He was now trying to get them to move. They seemed to be glued to the ground. Me and Harry went to the man.

"Hi" I said. The man frowned.

"You English?" he said in the heaviest American accent I'd ever heard. 

"Yes. Listen, we need to get down mountain. May we borrow your mules?" I asked.

"Not really" he said. His accent was starting to annoy me.

"We'll pay you" I offered.

"Nah. You can borrow 'um. If yer able ta gettum ta move"

"OK. We will" how annoying can someone get? I grabbed the rope around the donkey's neck and yanked. It was like trying to pull bricks from a wall. The mule just would not move! Harry tried to push the other one but that wouldn't move either. It was pretty annoying. We tried and tried to get them to move, but they were having none of it. And I couldn't help myself: I started to laugh.

"Move you stubborn mules!" I giggled.

"Ha! Stubborn mules! Quite literally!" Harry laughed. I yanked at the rope again but I lost my grip and thumped onto my bottom. I blew my fringe out of my eyes. 

"Have you got some food for them?" I asked the annoying man.

"Yup,let me just gettit" he said. Aaarrgh! Seriously! He got a carrot out of one of the bags. He brought it to me. "Here ya go" I took it off him and held it in front of the donkey. It moved towards it. I walked backward and the donkey followed.  gave it the carrot. I grabbed a long stick.

"I'm hopin' yer not plannin' on whippin' ma horse" the man said. 

"Of coarse not" I snapped. I undid the string holding up my hair and tied it to the end of the stick. Then I got another carrot from Mr Annoying Man. I tied it to the stick. Harry worked out what I was trying to do and stuck the stick into the harness thingy around the mule's neck. The carrot dangled just in front of the donkey's eyes. It walked forwards a step. I held the rope and the donkey stopped. The man gawked in surprise. I raised an eyebrow at him.

"Well I'll be! Well done. Here, let me help"

"There's not much you can do" I told him. He shook his head.

"You can ride it. Yer pullin' mac" he pointed to Harry. However most of the way down the mountain we were walking behind the donkey. I began to wonder what the donkey was actually for.

The End

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