Chapter III - b

The walk was a bit longer than I expected, but we got there. The sun was just setting behind the small houses and the train crowd started milling off in different directions. Maiya was tired and I was basically having to drag her along. 

"Do you have anywhere to stay?" I asked Harry as we walked to the village centre. 

"No. I was due in a city a few miles from here on Thursday"

"Oh" I pondered this for a minute "Well you can stay wi-"

"Hello" a voice said "I froze. I could recognise that voice anywhere. Garth Anders, my sworn enemy. He stepped out of the dark with two other people. No doubt who they were. Peter Blorgs and Sylvester Dervis. The guys who helped him beat people up.

"Abbie?" Harry's voice was scared, no, more than scared: worried.


"Hello lassie. What's ya boyfriend called?" Garth sneered. 

"He's not my-"

"Shut up. How 'bout we play a game of poker"

"I don't know how to play poker" I started to turn away but Garth grabbed my shoulder, hard, and spun me to face him. Pain shot up my side.

"I think ya do, lassie" he growled. His breath stank of beer.

"I - I don't know who you are" I stuttered.

"DON'T lie to me. You know who I am and I know who you are" his grip tightened. By this point, Harry had taken Maiya away from the scene. I couldn't see where they were. I shook my head. "I'll start. You're Abigail Bishops. I'm..." he said. I shook my head again. "Say my name" Garth shook me.

"G-Garth. Your name is Garth Anders" I gasped through the pain up my side.

"Good.Now how about that poker game?" he sneered. He stroked the scar just beneath my eye, the consequence of winning him last time.

"N - OK. I'll play. B-but let me take my sister somewhere safe" I stuttered helplessly. To my surprise, he actually agreed. He roughly shoved me forwards and I fell to the ground. 

"Go on, take the little girlie ans your boyfriend home. But my friends here" he gestured to Peter and Sylvester "Will be watching you" I got up and ran. I found Harry and Maiya by the fountain. I grabbed them and rushed them to Gran's house. They would stay there. I left them there and snuck out the back door. I was going to find this stone. And I was going to find it now.

The End

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