Chapter I

"Abbie! I'm hungry!" Maiya moaned. Maiya's my little sister she's seven. You pronounce he name 'my-yah'. 

"Just wait a minute Maiya. The snack cart'll come round in a minute, I'll buy you a sandwich" I told her. She'd been telling me that she was hungry for the past ten minutes. 

"But I'm hungry now" she moaned again. I sighed. We were going to Gran's house in America. The warmth was a nice welcome from the rain of England. 

"Look, here comes the snack cart now. What sandwich do you want?" I asked her. She was about to answer when the carriage suddenly shuddered and the whole train screeched to a abrupt halt. I looked out of the window. We were on a random patch of land, in the middle of nowhere. I opened the window, with difficulty as it was basically rusted shut, and leaned out. In front of us was a viaduct that looked like it was about to collapse.

"Stay here" I told Maiya sternly and went into the corridor. There were people screaming and scared looking children.

"We're probably just at the next station" a parent lied kindly. People were starting to file off the train. I stuck my head back in the cabin.

""Come on Maiya" I said "We're getting off for a bit" I grabbed her hand as she passed me and led her off the train. Some kids were playing on the grass so I let her go to them. A man in a suit came up to me.

"Hi, I'm Harry. Do you know what's happened?" he asked.

"No, do you? I'm Abbie, by the way."

"No, that's why I was asking" Harry laughed. l laughed too. We talked and I found out that he was travelling fo something to do with his job. 

We came to the engine of the train. We were at the viaduct , and there was a big dint in the stone where it had obviously been broken. There was a man trying to fix it with a chain, he wasn't getting anywhere. He looked up at us desperately. He obviously had no idea what he was doing. I walked over and saw the problem. The hole was pretty deep and the thin track was basically balanced over it.

"Help me" the man pleaded. I grabbed the chain off him and looked at it. It was heavy and it blackened my hands. It wasn't big enough to fill the gap, but it wasn't long enough to keep the track stable. There was only one other option I could think of. I just hoped with all my life that it would work.

"I have an idea" I said bravely. The man nodded and Harry looked at bit confused. I took a deep breath. "Listen, we need to get the engine and first carriage across for a start"

"OK" the man said uncertainly. Then he went to the engine and said something to the driver. Then he called "Stand back!" to the people standing near the track. Everyone took a few steps back and the engine and first carriage crawled slowly over the viaduct. The track bent downwards a little over the hole, making me doubt my theory even more.

"What now?" Harry asked, tapping my shoulder "Are you OK? You look worried"

"I'm fine" I lied, too quickly. "Right, now help me attach the chain to the carriage back there, I'll attach it to the one attached to the engine"

"Alright" he said. I don't think he believed that I was fine. I'm not a good liar. He came back. I signalled for the train to move and the man told the driver. It moved until the second carriage was over the viaduct.

"OK, now help me link the carriages back together" the man and Harry helped me push the carriage up to the other one and link them together. This process was repeated until all six carriages were safely on the other side of the crumbling bridge. The driver thanked me enthusiastically. Everyone was told to get back on and they did. Gratefully so, I must add.

The End

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