And Who Are You?

Wandering back from school, kicking the stones across the ground, Elaine suddenly remembered about the stone on her shelf. For some unknown reason, she had a feeling that something was going to happen to it and hurried back.

After shouting "Hi!" and running up the stairs, Elaine found Jack about to pour juice over her laptop, and Laura with Elaine's draws turned upside down. She forgot about the stone again for some time - sorting out draws and rebooting a laptop took some time.

* * * *

It was lasange for tea which Elaine loved, she ate all she had and went back for seconds; it was then she saw the light coming out of her odd bluey green, the colour of her eyes - and the stone!

"Err, mum, is it okay if I leave the table for a minute or so?" She said, trying to hide her curiousness.

"Yes, of course! There's pudding though so be quick." Jackie answered, but by then, Elaine was halfway up the stairs.

Half blinded by the light, she rumaged through her draws and bookshelf, but it wasn't there. She stumbled to her shelf and picked up the stone. Immidiatly, the light faded away.

To her utter surprise, when Elaine looked down, she saw an eye! The exact same colour as hers, it zoomed out to a face - her face but much prettier - define cheekbones, perfect lips and colourful eyes.

" And who might you be?" She asked it, mainly to herself.

" Me? I am your conscience." It replied.

Elaine simply stared.

The End

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