The Stone of Mystery

As Elaine walked along the beach, looking for smooth flat stones to skip across the water, she happened upon a very curious stone indeed. She picked it up and found that it fit perfectly in her palm. She wiped the sand off the stone, and was about to throw it, but something stopped. She wasn’t quite sure why, but she felt like this stone was something she should hold on to, so she put it in her pocket.  

* * * * *

When she got home later that day, she took the mysterious stone out of her pocket. As she climbed the stairs to her room, the stone, which at the beach had been an unremarkable shade of grey, was now a very pale blue, but this went unnoticed by Elaine. By the time she reached her door, the colour had deepened to a clear blue, like the sky on a summer afternoon, this when she became aware of the odd colour change. She nearly dropped the stone in surprise, but recovered herself enough so that she merely tossed it lightly on her bed. The stone itself did not notice this change in the way it was being held, and the colour simply went on darkening. It settled on a rich royal blue, and finally the colour stopped changing. This struck Elaine as odd because she knew, as do most people, that normal, everyday stones are not royal blue, but rather unremarkable shades of grey. 

When she eventually worked up the courage to touch the stone, Elaine found that it was warm. What she failed to see however, was that the stone was now precisely the same colour as her eyes. Even if she had seen this, she most likely would have failed to see the significance. But that will come later.

Her mother called her down for dinner, so Elaine put the stone in her pocket, because for some reason that she couldn’t explain, she did not want her nosy younger brother and sister to find this mysteriously coloured stone. 

Her younger siblings, Jack and Laura, were twins and very adventurous. Even though they were only six, they always seemed to cause mischief and trouble no matter where they went. They weren’t bad kids, just rambunctious; they liked to run, and explore. But they don’t come into this story much. 

With the commotion of eating dinner, and then helping her mother get the twins into bed, Elaine had forgot about the stone. The stone, however, had not forgotten about Elaine. It had chosen her for a reason, and the stone knew that she would remember it eventually.

* * * * *

The next morning, Elaine woke up slowly and peacefully. She sat up, looked out her window and saw a thick mist covering the ground. The mist was so thick, in fact, that even when she lay back down on her pillow, she could still see the mist swirling through the air out of her second-story window. Then, with a jolt, she suddenly remembered the strange stone she had found. She sat up sharply, and looked around her room. The shorts she had had worn yesterday were not there. She jumped up, and ran to the basement, where all the dirty laundry went. She frantically searched through her brother’s shirts, and her sister’s socks. There, she found her shorts and searched the pockets. She felt the smooth stone and yanked it from the fabric. It was still warm to the touch. She now realized that it was heating itself. That shocked Elaine, because she knew, as most people do, that rocks do not heat themselves. Then she saw that colour of the stone. The blue of the ocean. She was startled, but she had a good enough head on her shoulders to want to figure out the mystery surrounding the stone. 

She went back to her warm, comfy bed to study the rock further. It was extremely smooth, sanded down from the years of waves rushing over it. It was warm, though not from her hand, but from some mysterious inner source. Yet, underneath the warmth, there was a sense of coolness; as if it had absorbed some of the coolness of the water as it was lying on the beach. And it was now royal blue; the colour of the ocean, and the colour of Elaine’s eyes.

Elaine had had many compliments about her eyes over the years. She loved her eyes. Everyone was always saying how jealous they were, and her grandmother often told her how her eyes sparkled like the sea. Her grandfather had been a sailor, and her grandmother loved the open ocean. 

As Elaine examined the stone she realized that it was not purely blue, but had veins of purple and green running through it. At this moment she happened to look up into the mirror across her room, and she saw for the first time, that the colour of the stone and the colour of her eyes were remarkably similar. In fact, they would have been exactly the same, but for the green and purple running through the rock. Why this stone was special, Elaine couldn’t have guessed, but she knew this fact to be true. 

Elaine put the strange stone on her shelf and life went on. At school, there were tests to be reviewed for, assignments and projects to get finished, and the twins to look after. The stone went unnoticed. But something was changing inside that little stone. Something, or rather, someone was growing.

The End

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