The Stone Call

I jumped out of the hollow I had made in the time warp from the castle and found myself in pitch black darkness. Behind me I could hear the shrieks of the Ozzarath’s despair as I escaped his grasp.

Luckily for me, I had disappeared in the past before he could say, ‘you sneaky cow’. I heard something zoom past before the vortex closed. I don’t think lighting a candle will help me much in this place.

It seems familiar, almost like the place where I saw the element girls, but it neither feels cold or hot. I don’t know what time I’m in or anything. They did warn me that this kind of magic was dangerous, but how was I supposed to save him without using it?

To me it was a last resort; I could not live with myself if anything had happened to my best friend. I shook my long blonde hair from my eyes and tried to breathe calmly and remember what to do next. I was still wearing the yellow dress from the day before, but it was frayed and dirty. I hoped the Princess wouldn’t mind if it got ruined. It was such a pretty dress…

“Walk towards the light,” a deep voice suddenly said, “Walk towards the light…”

The darkness, which was as black as night, burst into an opening of blinding white light, taking the form of a doorway in front of my very eyes, making me gasp in alarm.

“Walk towards the light…” it said again, almost urgently.

The light seemed so pure and innocent to me, but there seemed to be a sense of mystery drifting from the darkness that consumed me. I wondered what this meant. Is it a sign? Should I go through? I have no idea where I am, or when I am for that matter, I was irrevocably lost. The darkness began closing in on me, and I began feeling claustrophobic. Against my better will I decided to step through this gate of light.

 “I wonder if this is what death is like…” I said to myself aloud. “It’s sort of like when people see a tunnel of light, maybe, like them, I’m not supposed to die yet… did I kill myself by accident? I guess the time magic was too strong for me after all”


It seemed that I was in the same never-ending space as before, but the darkness was gone and only white light surrounded me. And instead of no sense of feeling, I felt great warmth and euphoria, as though the place was breathing with life.

“Who was talking to me before?” I said to myself looking around for anybody. There was none. “Was it my imagination?”

My words echoed in the place that reflected from anywhere and yet nowhere at once. Then, something seemed to change. It was as though the atmosphere was being sucked into a single point in front of me. I held my hair in place as I saw a person materialize before my eyes. It was my best friend, but transparent!

He was staring placently at me, with no emotion and never moving from his spot. I watched with disbelief, believing he was dead, but when I went over to touch him, I felt only air. I began to get upset, he was dead after all, and there was nothing I could do… T

he ghostly apparition pointed his hand to my left, and began to walk past me. I followed, having no idea where we were going.

The figure stopped and a voice echoed, “I am not dead; you still have a chance…”

“But how?” I replied.

“Go through the wall, and you shall return to the past. Focus on when you want to go.”


“Yes.” He said.

 “So, are you my guide to the past and to the future? You aren’t my friend after all?”

“I am your strongest memory; the magic has created me to help you on your way through the magic.”

 “Well, okay, thanks for all your help.”

He bowed down at me silently. I began to walk to where he had pointed before, focusing on the time before I went into the dreaded cage.


The passageway through the light led me into a strange medieval room, full of dirty shoddy books and cobwebbed walls. The walls were made of stone, but were crumbling and on the verge of collapsing. They would likely hold for another couple of years, maybe more.

I recognize this place… she thought, I’m in the Castle of Morscalfe! It worked!! I hope the castle would stay standing forever, but it seemed that the magic that was holding it together was failing; the Castle was losing its life, and all of its beauty with it.

I coughed, the dust choking the little air I have left to breathe in the extremely musty storage room. Panting, I open the nearest window. Maybe it’s to do with the key stone…

 A scene of sinister magnificence lay in front of me. Everywhere she looked was like a haunted graveyard. The eerie darkness and the blood-red mist hung in the air that felt as cold and as bare as stone. The trees were bare and skeletal, empty of leaves and dead of age, and on the hill over the horizon, the tombstone of an angel, praying to the skies in the hopes of peace reigning over this world.

“What a dismal sight. Is this an illusion? Because Bragverla didn’t look like this before,” I said aloud, turning as my sparkling blue eyes could not bear to see the dreaded world outside the window.

It was shocking. I turned again and saw instead of the horror; I saw a peaceful night sky and green fields. “Did I just see the future? I must stop this from happening…”

I turned away and began to make for the door. There was a spiral of stairs and I quickly ran down them, almost tripping on the skirt of my dress. I looked through the door and saw the throne room.

 I waited; I could hear my past self talking to Ozzarath. Who knew that he would throw a dagger at me just before I disappeared into the vortex? I barely escaped death. I thought I was too late and there was no pain because I had died instantly. But here I am.

I must wait until I see my friend walk through and then save them as soon as I have disappeared. All I have to do is wait.


The End

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